15 Staple Styles for August 2020

Hey angels,

Hope you are all well and good, can you believe its August ?! This year has gone by super fast; we went into lockdown at the start of March and its the last month of summer, lockdown has been so up and so down – now all I want to do is get out and create my best memories. I havent actually done a blog post for a while, reasoning behind this was I actually got made redundant through work, which meant I was concentrating on getting a job (which I have btw) and I have put a lot of energy on my instagram which has lead me to also created my youtube channel!

So my overall plan for my blog, is to still keep it running as im aware quiet a few people would still like to read this as well as my youtube – I have started my youtube with some lifestyle videos but I will making it very fashion based. As for now I thought I would share my 10 staple styles for August 2020, first up;

The shoulder pad top

I have seen this top everywhere recently and I am absolutely living for this trend – being honest I ordered one of these tops recently, which I brought way too big – this made me not really like the style of the trend. However since then, I have brought a black one which is slightly more fitted and I love it!! This style with some jeans or shorts is super trendy right now. See below on how I would style this top.

Tied Cardigan Top

Ok, seriously this is the cutest addition to 2020 fashion, This top is another one which I have seen everywhere and looks so gorgeous. I have one from Topshop and just ordered another from HM which I will reveal on my youtube soon. Again this looks great with some straight leg white jeans or dad shorts.

White Dress

Just because this is a dress you can wear every year, in all types of styles.

Pretty Florals

I feel like floral items have been a massive part of 2020 lockdown fashion, I have loved seeing all the prettiest prints.

Dad Shorts

If you follow me on instagram or even read my previous blog posts you would of seen my love for Dad shorts, super classy and very on trend right now. I will link my ways to wear here.

Oversized Shirts

I am a massive fan of big oversized shirts, I saw Sinead Crowe wearing some from Amazon and they looked incredible on her. Its such a go to outfit for me.

White or Nude Jean

After a year of sole searching for the perfect pair of jeans, I have finally found my favourite pair of white mom jeans and these will definitely be a big staple item for my wardrobe this month.

Tie Dye

Tie dye was a massive fashion trend throughout lockdown, whether it was homemade or brought from a fashion retailer – it was a big trend and still is. I love a good piece of tie dye.

Plain coloured bodysuit

Colours, pastel, bright all kinds are massively in for summer – the cool coloured tight fitting bodysuits from Zara are a massive craze and will look awesome on.

Fashion Statement Facemasks

Currently face masks should be worn shopping or other general activities – personally for me

Also for Gorgeous women’s dresses, check out dresshead.

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