Growth of Fashion Influencers in 2020 | AD

Good Morning Angels, I hope you are all okay and keeping well right now.

Even though this blog post is an AD post its a topic I really want to discuss, especially with the huge growth of fashion / beauty influencers over 2020 lockdown. The influencer / content creator industry right now is huge, the community is growing everyday which isn’t a bad thing – especially with the current state of the world the´┐╝ community is full of so much love and support from all different variety of accounts. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, its all about the support and engagement you get from other accounts.

Over lockdown I really enjoyed seeing a lot of new accounts being made to share their passion for fashion and beauty. Especially the small accounts which have really grown over lockdown – I absolutely   loved growing and engaging with all new accounts over lockdown, I finally found my passion in instagram and blogging again. However on the other end of the spectrum, with the influencer community being quite big, it can be quite overwhelming at times, with comparing yourself to other people and seeing the competition.

For me, this is something I have found quite challenging especially over the past few weeks with instagram just being such a dry place for engagement. Personally, I love a bit of competition, it keeps me motivated and my mindset quiet healthy and creative to be better. But right now, its quite hard to stand out or become the ‘new’ best thing – I think if you are a blogger / vlogger / influencer or anyone that works within social media, and you manage to get a ‘big’ break with stats that fly high or engagement that gives you full potential, you are so lucky. Sometimes I feel like my content isnt strong enough, to work with the brands I’d love to or to get my big break – a lot of it is down to luck or you just really excel in what you want you do, I am so envious of this.

Since this industry has grown so much, and everyday gets bigger and bigger it is a lot harder to get in touch with brands – especially big brands. I find it quite difficult to find work nowadays, however luckily for me right now I’m not doing this for the ‘free stuff’ as to me that just an amazing add on – I do instagram, my blog and youtube because I love it, its my true passion. Being able to share my passion for Fashion & Lifestyle bits with all of my followers (friends) on instagram is a dream anyway, however I do eventually want this to become a full time job, so I do need to try work with brands and eventually try create an income. I tend to find paid work, or collaborations on influencer marketing pages or agencies which helps me a lot to connect with brands. I will explain this in more information.


So, what is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a community of influencer / blogger / vloggers who are all using this platform to connect with brands they love. There are so many different marketing websites for this, it’s so important you can find one which you can rely to supply genuine work and collaborations. On the other hand, it’s an amazing way brands can connect with bloggers, I can imagine so many brands daily get messages, media kits and offers sending to the everyday! Influencer marketing sites are so much easier to find trusted bloggers / vloggers, with a profile the brands pretty much know everything they need to know about you, which is why brands tend to set out certain requirements for a campaign.

Benefits of working with a Influencer marketing site?

  • For me, one of the main reasons I love to work with a 3rd party influencer site, is I find it easy to connect with campaigns bearing in mind I fit the requirements. Using these sites makes me very organised, the site will always remind me when a deadline is due – which is super helpful when I have a lot going on.
  • I can pretty decide if the campaigns / brands suit me before even apply.
  • I’ve always had a great response in payment; meaning most payments are made to the required deadline.
  • It can also save a lot of time, discussing requirements / deadlines back and forth with the brand direct as everything is already laid out for me.

Negative of working with a Influencer Marketing? 

Personally, I have never experienced anything bad using these sites – I have found the work easy to complete with the correct information.

  • A slight negative is that there are SOO many sites like this; I have struggled to find a very trusted one. However; I have now found one of my favourite Influencer Marketing sites called Intellifluence.
  • Sometimes, the lead time on deliverable’s and contracts from the brand can be quite slow and delay the content I create for the deadline.
  • It can be harder to stand out as your own person and brand from your profile on these sites.

Even though this is a AD post, all my opinions are very true and honest. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and would love to know your opinion on Influencer Marketing? 

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