Preparing for Black Friday

Happy Hump Day, we have made in half way through the week – whatever you guys are doing I hope you are having a good week! I am currently exhausted right now… I have been still out at work and coming home to work on all of this ready for the deals next week. One step closer to Black Friday and I am excited – I have seen some great deals already, which I cant wait to share with you. If you have noticed I have been dropping some gift guides all week for you to see, you can check them out here! I will be continuing to add more posts and guides for you all week – including for him, for her, luxury, gifts under, home and most importantly for YOU! Whilst shopping the deals don’t forget to treat yourself, after the year we have had you god damn deserve it!! I will be including a post on supporting the small business’s as well – as this is very important!

So with the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Week, I thought I would share my top tips on how to be prepared for the sales to come, how to be organised and get the best out of the deals.

Top Tip 1; MAKE A LIST

This is a massive point, making a list of what you need to buy or want to buy – this will encourage you to save the right amount of money and not waste it on things you don’t need. Categorize what you need to buy and who for, this will make it easier for you to not overspend as an addition. When it comes to buying for yourself or like me, getting some more clothing items – on some apps I am most likely to purchase from, so h&m, Topshop and asos – I have used the save icon on each app to create my own Wishlist. My H&M one is currently massive, coats and boots have such a special place in my heart right now!!


The world of social media is so important right now – everywhere you look, its just deals after deals. This is a great pointer for us content creators, you will provide with the best deals and best sellers. For example, I will be keeping you updated with every deal possible and the best products from the best brands – I will be doing a series of Wishlist’s on my blog / instagram on a lot of brands through next week. On Black Friday I will give you a list of brands and their deals!


This is another great way to make sure you don’t overspend, if you have your list and set a budget you’ll smash it through the sales. Maybe setting a budget of £100 – £200 or to your personal preference/affordability, and divide it by what you have on your list, to set aside Christmas gifts against Treating yourself.


Yes, Black Friday have the best deals, the best you will get all year round. However, don’t forget as soon as Black Friday ends, you still have the whole weekend and the start of Cyber Week which again brings some amazing deals! So my advice would be to put some money aside for some of the amazing deals found within Cyber week!


This year has been a massive rollercoaster as we all know, so many of us are very fed up! So why not treat yourself? I am creating some treat yourself posts on Friday so don’t forget to check that out. Whether its something small or something you’ve been wanting for SO long, its you turn to spoilt yourself – I sure will be updating some of my wardrobe! Of course, have some fun with it & get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and make a day of it – as you can’t go out and do your Black Friday shopping!

I will do a big haul of what I have brought after – I can’t wait to see your purchases!!

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