Talking Self Love ~ #selectstayin

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing good! I thought I would take a day off posting some gift guides for you, but if you are loving them there will be more coming tomorrow going forward! In the meantime, I thought I would jump in and join Select Fashion campaign ‘selectstayin’ ; talking self love and my day to day in lockdown, how I try and keep sane!! Select Fashion have kindly gifted me some outfits towards what I do day to day.

First of all, How are we all coping with Lockdown 2? (please let me know in the comments) – it’s a very weird time. Personally I am okay, feeling good I suppose! Lucky for me, I am still working Mon-Fri which isn’t based at home so I can still have a slight social at work which to be honest, has probably saved me going crazy. I am putting a lot of time and effort also into creating content for you guys and really enjoying it!! Even though I am at work, its so important for me to keep a routine and try stay positive through this lockdown – as everyone should try and keep some normality in their life. For example, I try and wake up the same time every day or make sure I am up early so I can be and feel productive – So my day to day in the life and lockdown goes something like this;

I tend to wake up around 7.30 – 8.00 am, making sure I have a spinach good food smoothie and a big cup of coffee.. (can’t start the day without it). I tend to make sure I get ATLEAST 8hr’s per night, I loving sleeping and recharging, so making sure I get a good night sleep is so important to feel good mentally so I can start the day off well. I do use two things to help me sleep and feel more refreshed in the mornings which are; I always play ‘zen meditation’ throughout the night, meaning I fall asleep and wake up to it which feels amazing. Another massive part to my sleep routine is spraying ‘Love Spray’ on my pillows and I absolutely love it!!

Select have sent me this absolutely stunning piece of nightwear, berry velvet little shorts and vest top. I haven’t stopped wearing this since it arrived – its super soft and looks so lovely on! Click here to see the whole nightwear range.

Before breakfast, I always try and start the day with some form of exercise whether its a run or walk, something just to make me feel good! Exercise is very good for me mentally and massive towards self love, it’s my thinking time to clear my head but try think of new inspiration as well – I feel quite lethargic during the day if I haven’t done some form of exercise. Followed by a lovely healthy breakfast.

Whether its a walk or a run I like to be in a nice matching gym set – I got some black side detailed gym leggings with a cute little bralette – with a baggy vest to chuck on top which is super cute! Click here to see the whole gymwear range.

Gym top

Gym Leggings

Gym Bra

When it comes to working from home on my blog / instagram which I do quite often, I do like to semi dress for the day for motivation as if not I do feel quite demotivated! It’s kind of trying to look the part whilst trying to do the part, it’s where I get my ideas from and its super helpful! So saying that, select sent me a cute WFH outfit and its super cute, very comfy.. don’t get me wrong I am still wearing it with my slippers and a cosy jacket! Check here for what’s new in with select !

Leopard Top


Leather Skirt

After having a long day, loads of coffee and a lot of thinking. I was try and spend as least an hour or so to take some me time, to chill, watch some Netflix or read a book. Something to just take my mind of things and have a chill time which is super important to better your mental health and feel productive, ready to kick the next day of to a great start! Having some me time, is very important to chill in some cosy and warm loungewear; I am so obsessed with this! Its the comfiest set I own, currently wearing it as we speak! You need to check it out!! Click here to check out the loungewear range.

Self love / Mental health is so important especially right now – everyone is going through some kind of struggle this year.. this global pandemic has been a whirlwind and very hard at times. If anyone ever needs anyone to talk to ; my dm’s are always open and please remember; CHECK UP ON YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVE YOURSELF!!



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