Being only a few days away from Christmas, majority of my blog posts will be about great gift ideas and the blogger mail that gets sent to me is a huge factor of this. The type of blogger mail I’ve been sent recently and coming soon is mainly based on great ideas I think are perfect as Christmas gifts.

With all this in mind, my most recent blogger mail I’ve been sent is My Makeup Brush Set, they sell collections of soft good quality brushes. They sell all kinds of different brush types, shapes and even colours. Alongside all of this, they sell their own makeup, skincare and tools to make your skin look super presentable. Even better, they sell haircare, styling tools and makeup storage. What more can you want? I’ve been going through their website over the past few days and I can literally spend hours flicking through their website, it’s just full of endless products.

The Makeup Brush Set I was sent to review for all of you is the Oval Brush 10 Piece Set which is currently priced at £15.09. This set includes; Eyeliner Brush, Contour Brush, Concealer Brush, Powder Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Blusher Brush, Lip Brush and Nose Shadow Brush.

The brush collections they offer are absolutely perfect for a Christmas present, you get the best for your money and they are so affordable too!

Even better, order now and you can receive a free additional gift – Merry Christmas!


Rounding up this years blog posts full of all the amazing skincare routines and products I’ve found – I thought I’d finish the year by showing you a final skincare product I am currently loving.

My Christmas favourite skincare product is the 24 hour long lasting hydrating cream which is in-fact a moisturiser from Frezyderm. I’ve been using this for several days now – it’s made my skin completely soft and refreshed which I apply before bed and when I wake up. They do outline it’s based for younger skin 20+ but suitable for all skin types.

My favourite quality about this product is that it can be used as a makeup primer, which is amazing right? I haven’t yet tried it under makeup on its own but I bet it’s good! The product itself is thick and easy to blend in – which is exactly why it’s perfect for underneath makeup.

I have to mention how amazing the packaging is as well – the bottle is very unique which you can tell from the pictures, it’s almost like a test tube.

Fancy getting your hands on this product or even buying it as a perfect Christmas present? Get yours now from Frezyderm. Order now for last minute delivery to get it just before Christmas!


I’ve always been a fan of revolution makeup for a long time, when I brought my very first highlighter which was from Revolution and I continued to buy from Revolution. Through Black Friday I wanted to buy a beauty advent calendar, but after looking through different ones I was so invested in the Revolution Christmas gifts. I purchased the 12 days of Christmas box – I wanted to dedicate this blog post to this product purely because I have been so utterly impressed with this product, especially with it being currently £40, which is so good because it’s worth £60.00 at full price. You get A LOT for what you pay and I’d totally recommend it for the perfect Christmas gift!

The 12 days of Christmas makeup box contains 12 insane products and I’m in love with everyone – here is a full list and descriptions of each product.

l. Aqua Priming Base – A perfect way to start your makeup by using this Priming spray, it completely stops sweating coming through your makeup. I always find my makeup is on for ages when I use this alongside the setting spray.

2. Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray – As I mention previously this is so good at keeping your makeup on for a long duration of time. I simply spray it three times just before leaving the house and it’s perfect to last all day.

3. Focus & Fix Eye primer – I’ve used this product serval times now, I feel like it’s very good for putting under my eyeshadow but just remember to make sure it’s completely soaked into your skin before applying eyeshadow as I found it went quite bitty.

4. Ultra Nudes 2018 gloss set – Ok, I am obsessed with these lip glosses and with them being a nude colour they are even better. They all range in slightly different shades but are Natural and long lasting.

5. Ultra Strobe Balm Palette – For some reason I left this product for a little bit until I used it, which was because I didn’t read it to realise what these actually did. I was curious and experimented with these and I haven’t stopped using it since, over my lipsticks. It just adds that slight glow and texture to my lips which I’m obsessed with!

6. Ultra Strobe Cream – I haven’t used this product much, as I keep forgetting. However, when I did use it on my skin before highlighting I found it created the highlight to slightly pop more.

7. HD Pro Brows palette – I already use the Anastasia dip Brow which I love so it got to be very for my to switch products. I was quite impressed with this one, I found both the powder and cream very pigmented and easy to use. I could definitely use this instead of my dip Brow if needed!

8. Ultra Colour Explosion Palette – this palette is most likely the palette I will use the least out of them all, but it’s perfect for festival makeup or when you need that extra pop of colour to match your outfit.

9. Ultra Metals Palette – These shimmery shades make an appearance pretty much everyday, I’m obsessed with every single colour!

10. Ultra Newtrals Palette – Everyone needs a Nude palette for the everyday makeup. They are perfect for me, and each colour is perfect!

11. Blush Dream palette – So its obvious that this palette was my all time favourite palette. As it’s full of the best highlighters which I’ve always loved!

12. Pro Go Brushes 2018 – These brushes are so cute, they are a gorgeous colour and so soft to blend your makeup in.

If this isn’t the perfect Christmas present I don’t know what is! For only £40!

As I was going to collect it from Superdrug, I came across the best eye shadow palette from Revolution on deal. This eyeshadow palette has 144 colours, yes I said it…144!! The palette is called 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2018 and is amazing! I got this eyeshadow palette at half price, which it still is for £8!

Personally, I think all the Revolution Christmas are such a good value and brilliant quality, id definitely recommend having a look – I always buy my Revolution products from Superdrug.


You all know my obsessive love for fake tan, so here comes another fake tan post. I must admit since the weather has gone colder I haven’t put fake tan on in a while but it’s felt good being tanned again. I have a few Christmas parties and nights out coming up very soon so experimenting with different fake tans is the perfect time.

Technic Cosmetics which I must say is one of my favourite makeup brands, have made their own fake tan collection called ‘Tan out of Ten’ … I mean how exciting!

Tan out of Ten

In their new gorgeous tanning range they are currently offering 5 products:

Flash Bronze Mousse – This is a fast developing self Tan Mousse which develops fully in 4 Hours.

Self Tan Lotion – This comes in medium and dark shades which is an instant colour and lasts for 7 days.

Instant Tan in Matte – This one is a tanning gel which is instant and washes off so easy.

Instant Tan Shimmer – This is an instant tanning gel which has a gorgeous sparkle, perfect for your Christmas party!

Technic Cosmetics kindly sent me three sachets of the Dark Self Tan lotion to review for you, I must say I am very impressed.

First of all, I only used one and a half of the sachets which is brilliant to show you only need the smallest bit of tan and it’s still full coverage. I found it so easy to apply and blend into my skin. The smell of the tan in my opinion was lovely and very coconut like. A lot of people can be very funny about the smell of fake tan, but I can assure you this tan does NOT smell like biscuits.

To be honest it only smelt when I was applying the tan, now I’ve showered it smells of nothing.

I found the tan developed so quickly which has developed to a gorgeous natural glowing tan. The tan says it was the ‘dark’ shade – personally i normally have my tan a lot darker which is probably too much to other people. I’ve had a lot of compliments today about my tan, which shows other people definitely are noticing the power of Tan out of Ten. The tan says it lasts 7 days in total and I’ve only had it on for 2-3 days, with having a shower everyday the tan hasn’t faded or gone flakey at all, it’s still very much showing full thick coverage.

I am definitely going to be adding this to the top of my list of tans to invest in, I will eventually buy some more of this tan as I actually like it more than I thought!

It’s the perfect Christmas gift, I know I’d definitely appreciate it as one. The best part is you can purchase these from Xtras, Amazon, Boohoo, Fragrance Direct, and GlitterStore. The prices range from £7.00-£12.99 which is so affordable and worth the price – plus it’s Black Friday in 2 days so the perfect time to get shopping.

Don’t forget to grab yours and join in on #tanthursday tomorrow!


Nothing more exciting when a well known perfume brand brings out brand new fragrances, even better when the new smells are so perfect for autumn and winter. This is exactly what Impulse has done, they have released 5 new fragrances which sound and smell incredible.

Before I can tell you what they are all called… can we just take a moment to look at Impulses new packaging. OH MY, they look so pretty which makes them so much appealing to buy. They are all in plastic bottles ( which are literally double the size of the old ones ), they are all see through and have such a pretty pattern for each scent!

Okay, so are you ready, the new incredible scents are… Burnt Marshmellow & Leather Jacket, Purple Petals & Smoky Sky, Tropical Beach & Expresso, Whipped Cream & Microchip and White Lace & Muddy Grass. These smells are literally so on trend and relevant to the colder weather just by their name, and honestly they smell better than they sound!

Impulse very kindly sent me White Lace & Muddy Grass and Whipped Cream & Mircochip… they both smell so amazing, I’ve already had so many people state how amazing it smells and it lasts for ages too!

These impulse sprays are so perfect for your Christmas stocking fillers or even so for you to change up your winter scent!

Purchase these today at Superdrug for only £6.99 each!


The past few weeks I have been completely rushed off my feet with university work, work and writing up a load of blog posts. I have definitely been in need of a well deserved pampering session and me time, which is exactly what I’ve been doing today… a day full of Netflix, face masks, chocolate and my bed, can you think of anything better? I can’t!

Face masks are my favourite application to use for my skin, I find they help my skin SO much, as you all already know I am obsessed with keeping my skin healthy and clean, I must have tried literally 100 different face masks, some better than others. When using face masks, I will always look for detox & purify and glow masks, using all these together makes my skin looks as clean and healthy as ever. Don’t forget to drink a load of water!! 

A brand called YESto approached me to send me some of their face masks, and of course I’m not going to say no. The part I was more excited about is one of their face masks they sent me is a sleeping mask?! Never heard of anything like it – but I was so intrigued to try it!

YESto is a brand that creates all types of skin care and face masks, who say YES to products 100% free from toxic ingredients and the products have 95% of natural, free of parbens and made with recyclable materials. The brand is very fun and quirky, bound to make you smile.

They sent me two completely different face masks, one being a Moisturizing powder-to-clay mask and the other being the soothing sleeping mask.

Moisturizing powder-to-clay mask

I used this mask today and I really enjoyed making and applying the mask. You’re probably thinking, making the mask? but yes, its a DIY mask and so fun to make.

Inside the face mask package you get given; a mixing bowl, spoon and a little sachet of clay powder. Its so simple to create, you simply put the powder sachet in the mixing bowl and pour water up to the fill line, stir. Apply to your face and leave for 10 – 20 mins.

This particular face masks is used for moisturizing your skin, however what I love about this face masks is you can customize it to what you would like it to do to your skin by adding your special ingredient in the clay mixture.

To help smooth your skin – – – add honey

For vitamin C & radiance boost – – – add orange juice 

To help energise tired skin – – – add lemon 

To help nourish skin – – – add avocado 

To help reduce redness – – – add green tea  

For my personal paste mask I decided to add honey to mine, as I love my skin to be super smooth and it definitely did the job! I kept the mask on for 20 minutes as I wanted the full effect of the mask working. My skin feels so smooth and has given me an natural glow, the face mask was so easy to apply and get off.

Soothing Calming Sleeping Mask

This face mask is even more easy to apply, by simply applying the product all over your face and you sleep with the face mask on, when you wake up you simply just rinse it all.

You’re probably thinking, ‘sleeping in a face mask? Surely it goes all over your bed’ but not at all is this the case. The mask in general is more a cream based substance and soaks into your skin over the time it’s on your face, I nearly forgot I had it on the morning!

It honestly did my skin the world of good, it made me feel so refreshed and ready to power through the day ahead, it removes my skin from being so blotchy too.

I would recommend these facemasks completely, they work their magic and really compliment your skin.

You can purchase these from either Asos or even better, they can be purchased from boots andSuperdrug. The masks range from about £2.99 – £5.00.

Have you tried YESto facemasks? If so, I’d love to know what you think about them?


Following on after my Roxanne Nails summer collection review which was so on trend and I loved them all! Luckily enough i was sent their winter collection too, which I’m so happy about and thrilled to review these colours for Roxanne nails.

So from their summer collection back in July, I was sent Off to Jamaica and Violets are blue which I wore a lot through summer – check my full blog post review all about their summer collection here!

Now we are pretty much approaching the winter, especially with these crazy winds and gloomy nights, even so I’ve started wearing my winter coat! I’ve been so happy that I’ve received more nail polishes which are so perfect for the winter season!

Roxanne Nails sent me the three colours from their winter collection which are;

Stormy Weather (13) – I have this shade on my nails literally as we speak as it’s my ultimate favourite from the collection and goes perfectly with absolutely everything. This shade i would say is like a lightish grey which is perfect for the fall.

Expensive Taste (15) – This colour is pretty much described as how it’s in the name. Definitely a shade I would tend to wear out to a Christmas meal or definitely the New Year’s Eve party shade, I’m so obsessed and it’s beautiful! It’s a very dark purple/ brown and comes out gorgeous on my nails.

Wine and Dine (26) – this shade is so cute to wear on a evening meal or date, it’s perfect to match with an all black / dark outfit to add a slash of elegant colour. It’s quite a dark pinky shade, which again is so gorgeous!

These are all the colours I’ve received and I am so utterly thrilled with all of them, they all look so beautiful for the winter. The nail polishes as a whole dry ever so quickly and have a gorgeous shiny glow after being dried up. They last a while without chipping as well, which is even better.

All the nail polishes from Roxanne Campbell are only £10 and you can even buy them all on a package deal, so I would definitely go check it out on their website and get your winter shades at the ready! 


You all already know my love for skin care and keeping my skin healthy as ever, so whenever I get the chance to try new skincare products, I will always say yes.
Indeed Laboratories got in contact with me to send me some skin care products, I didn’t know much about the brand and what products I was being sent until they arrived.

I was sent a hydraluron moisture jelly which i was so intrigued to try. I’ve never used a jelly substance of skincare before, but i was quite impressed with and it’s definitely not as oily as thought it would be. The pot the product comes in is so cute, I’m literally obsessed with it – it’s a little glass pot with a press down lid with the product coming through the middle. I’ve used this product for a week or so now, twice a day, my skin feels so smooth and clean. I only apply a very small size every morning and every night which covers my whole face, I would assume this product would last for a long time.

I’m very impressed with this product in particular as it’s made my skin feel so healthy and helped to reduce my blemishes for some reason, it’s completely made me skin look as glowy as ever. I would recommend this to ALL of you. The product is also only £24.99 and can be purchased at boots!

The other product that was sent to me was called Retinol Reface skin resurfacant, this product is used for fine lines and wrinkles – bringing that young and healthy glow back into your skin. It’s provides loads of vitamin A which is great for cleaning your skin. Again, this makes my skin feel really smooth and I completely love how clean and healthy my skin looks in the morning. I apply this product nightly so it works overnight – I would definitely recommend both these products. You can get this product from boots for only £19.99.

Even better to this… It’s 3 for 2 at boots right now, so definitely would recommend getting your hands on this now!

Have you ever used Indeed Labs? If so, I’d love to hear what you think?!


Hey everyone,

I hope you have all had a fabulous week. As you’ve probably noticed I have been MIA – this is because I’ve been so busy with organising moving to university and seeing all my friends, Instagram has been stressing me out as well, the engagement is so poor because of the way instagram rules are. If you’re a blogger, you know! However, yay i am back to normal working on my blog – I have quite a few posts scheduled too.

This blog post is a gifted review and its one of my favourites yet! So i was sent these fabulous hair curlers from Xtava. If you follow me on my social media channels you’ll know I have recently cut all my hair off really short, when i first got it cut, i literally used to curl it every day. This was such a pain, but I think with curlers you can either love them or hate them. I’ve used these curlers twice now, since getting them in the post and I’ve had so many compliments since curling my hair again, this actually shows how much the curls stayed in my hair.


I think some girls can relate, i hope. My hair literally hates being curly literally when its nice and curled, the minute i walked outside I literally look dreadful. My hair goes completely flat and flicky – I hate it! Even with a can of hairspray in my hair it just doesn’t like it. Honestly, its probably down to how damaged my hair really is!

On average with these curlers it takes me around 30 minutes to curl all my hair, I will either curl in layer by layer with different strands of hair. Another way I curl my hair is putting it all up in a high pony tail and curl it while its up. This creates quite a wavy and loose curled hair style, its so much quicker to do too!

So what makes these curlers so good?

To start with, the actual curling wand itself starts thin and eventually goes quite thick – this is good purely because you can decided yourself how big or small you want the actual curls. I tend to start at the top of the hair with the curls being quite big and loose then at the end small and tight curls.

Before.. aka very crazy hair, beware.



Adjusting the temperature of the curlers is also so important for your hair and the condition of it. The curlers go up to 210°C, which is easily adjusted by the dial buttons on there. In the box you’ll also receive a guide book, telling you all the information about the curls and the safety warnings you need to know. What i found interesting is the guide, it actually tells you about what temperature to use on your hair type.

It states…

Hair Type: Delicate, thin hair. Temperature: Low 80°C – 123°C.

Hair Type: Normal Hair. Temperature: Medium 123°C – 166°C

Hair Type: Thick, Coarse Hair. Temperature: High/Max 166°C – 210°C

I mean I didn’t know this, I’ve been using 210°C, I actually think now thats quite bad! Opps, no wonder my hair is so damaged. But these curlers make my hair look so damn good – so why not!

I always style my curly hair, one of two ways.

The classic half up and half down look. (sometimes in a top knot)

Not going to lie, if you know me, you’d this is pretty much my signature hairstyle.


Or maybe just shove a Bandanna in my hair?


The packaging was so good, it was beautifully boxed up together. It comes in a normal card outer box, with another box inside which wraps close with a magnet. Inside the box, you will find the curlers wrapped in a zipped bag, the information guide and the glove. Yes thats write, you get a heat protection glove. This for me was amazing, I so needed one considering I literally burn myself with my curlers daily – so annoying!


EVEN BETTER... these curlers are SO affordable! They are only £20.00! I would most definitely go and get yourself some. They are so good.

Actually… How would you like to win some curlers for yourself?!

If you do, enter my giveaway below to be able to win your own hair curlers. There is even 14 different ways to enter, I would defiantly enter all 14, more chance to get your hands on these curlers!! You have until the 3rd of October, get entering!!

Click on the link below to enter!
Win the xtava Twist Curling Wand #5 


Does anyone else struggle finding the perfect makeup brush set? I’m always trying new and different brushes which makes it harder to find my favourite one suitable for my skin. I definitely think with makeup brushes you either love or hate them, there’s no in between.

Some makeup brushes I hate because instead of actually blending the product, the brush drags the product which makes it bitty and flakey.

When buying makeup brushes, other than the price the design and softness of the brush is so important. Everyone relates to this. I’ve recently been trying Luxe Studio brushes, these aren’t ordinary brushes they are even better.


K1 The Everything Brush 

Yes, you heard me these brushes work for anything whether it’s, face liquid, face powder, eye makeup and even skincare. This is pretty much every girls dream to find every application in one brush.

Luxe Studio sent me 7x and 6x brushes which work as a duo, the difference between these two brushes is one has a smaller head which is great to reaching to corners and eye makeup.


For skincare I tend to use both brushes, this is so easy for blending the makeup in – I simply apply the product in the center of my brush to then massage the product all over my face. To massage all over I use the 7x brush as it will be quicker to blend being a bigger brush. I use the 6x brush to get through the corners and in and around my eye.

Powder/Foundation – Brush 7x

Honestly, at the start I didn’t believe these makeup brushes could work on liquid and powder cosmetics, it doesn’t just seem right. To apply the foundation and applying the powder is exactly the same process. Making sure the product is on the brush and apply to face using sweeping motions. When I apply my foundation/powder i only tend to use the 7x brush.


Contour – 7x brush 

Using this brush for contour is mainly for the dark parts of your contour. Making sure it’s all blended in is so important. Again, put the product on the brush and blend the product thoroughly.

Eyeshadow – Luxe Studio 6x

You definitely need to use the smaller head brush for your eyeshadow. Trying to blend your eyeshadow with a big brush will be very difficult and will probably blend way to much.

Blend the product evenly from the outer and the inner corners of the eye using back and forth.


These brushes are brilliant to use, I find it best to use when travelling purely because all you really need are these brushes as they help do all your makeup. They are super soft and manage to blend my makeup perfectly – I’d definitely recommend getting yourself some Luxe Studio makeup brushes. They even sell them in boots which is amazing.

Did I forget to mention? They are ROSE GOLD! 

I’ve linked below where you can purchase your own Luxe Studio Makeup Brushes!

Grab your Luxe Studio K1 Duo Set from Boots for £18.00!

Have you ever tried Luxe Studio makeup brushes? Whats your thoughts?! Id love to know!


Every girl craves for long eyelashes, this most definitely applies to me a lot considering everyday I put on my fake eyelashes. They are literally my life, but a lot of the days my eyes can ache and feel so sensitive as I don’t give them a break. My eyelashes aren’t very long at all, I’ve always wished for longer eyelashes.

After reviewing Epibrow Eyebrow Serum and being amazed with the results. They also sent me their eyelashes growth Serum – I was so excited to try it! I didn’t believe they would grow as much as they did!

The product itself grows your lashes overnight, however for best results you should use every night for 4 weeks. I’m now on week 3 and the difference is absolutely mind blowing. I have even started wearing no fake lashes, just mascara – which is the best possible result for me. Using this product has not only grown my lashes well, I’ve noticed my eyelashes are now naturally starting to curl at the end which is incredible . I basically feel like I have lash extensions on 24/7.


(Picture is my eyelashes before using the eyelash Serum)

So during my nightly skincare routine I always remember to apply this product as well as my Epibrow Brow Serum. The eyelash Serum comes in a small cute tube, which is a really tiny brush which allows you to properly get to the root of your eyelashes. I simply add a few lines of the liquid along the roots of my eyelashes and the same goes with the bottom lash line. Make sure you do this every night for 4 weeks, after this process is done have 4 weeks break and then reapply the whole process again for 4 weeks.


(Eyelashes in week 3 of the 4 week process)

My lashes are now completely thicker, fuller and longer with so much volume. I’m completely in love with my lashes at this stage. I am also so excited to carry on until the end of my 4 weeks growth process.
I would recommend using both the Eyebrow and Eyelashes serums from Epibrow – totally worth it. 

Click to purchase each product:

Epibrow Eyelash Serum 

Epibrow Eyebrow Serum 

You can purchase both products together by clicking here.

***This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own****


Summer season is here which means its now time to ditch those cherry, dark grey and green nail polishes. And bring on your bright oranges,pinks,whites and beautiful pastels. I am definitely someone who tends to paint their nails pretty much all the time. However, summer nail polish colours are my favourite, they are so bright and vibrant and can be matched with your summer outfits so easily.

Roxanne Campbell is the main Manicurist/Nail Artist at London and New York Fashion Week. Her nail polishes are all produced in the UK and cruelty free, can you ask for anything more?! 

Roxanne kindly sent me 2 different nail polishes from her new summer collection and I was in love! Roxanne Campbell

First of all I must say I was so amazed with the nail polish colours in real life, usually when you order nail polishes from online the colours are completely different to how they actually look on your nails but they were identical colours and I was so happy with the outcome. The nail polishes came out so well on my nails, I barely need one layer it’s so thick and the colour is just amazing – they definitely last a while and they dry so quickly too! This is pretty much everyone’s dream…! The two colours they sent me were; Off To Jamaica and Violets Are Blue.

Summer Collection

The whole summer collection is made up from; Violets Are Blue, Off To Jamaica, Sitting Pretty and Snow Fight. To me, these are essentially your perfect start to summer, all these colours are the best summer colours which will go with every outfit and summer trend you need.

The nail polishes are £10 each or you can grab yourself the entire summer collection for £40. Click the link below to shop the summer collection and all the other incredible range of colours on her website.

Which colour from her summer collection is your favourite?! I’d love to know!

Senssē Hot and Cool Facial Bar

I’ve never realised how important it actually is to keep good care of your skin until a few years back. My skin has been through some break outs with spots and grease, I mean it really doesn’t help I have very oily skin as it is. But it honestly is so important about keeping your skin clean and refreshed all the time.

After reviewing Senssē Beauty Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush, (see the full review here) they sent me their Hot and Cool Facial Bar as well, which was extremely generous and I’m so thankful. I am more thankful of how good this product has been for my skin. I didn’t really know what to expect as it’s a ‘hot and cool facial bar’ but it definitely sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?
Like the Cleansing Brush it came in the most gorgeous white box with gold writing, white and gold? in love.


Opening the box was even better, the device was white and bronze! In the box you get; a mini booklet all about the safety instructions, USB cable and charging base. The charging base is so pretty, as weird as that sounds. It’s a little bronze stand, all you do is balance the bar on top and it automatically chargers when plugged in.

What does it do? 

This device is slightly different but definitely works. When rubbing the product on my skin it’s goes hot and cold, which feels so amazing. This product helps with long lasting, radiant skin and relieves the skin from fatigue to energize. Alongside this, it helps bring out the youthful side of your beautiful glowing skin.

The different modes create different affects. The hot mode increases blood circulation and relax muscles. The cool mode helps better skin care absorption and reduces pores from appearing. There is also a mode called Hot with Vibration and this mode helps skin care absorption.

My Routine When Using The Brush

Your are meant to use this product 2-3 times a week as everyday can become too much for your skin. After washing my face with warm water, I apply my Nivea moisturizer all over my face. With the product I hold the button for 3 seconds once (activating hot mode) and go over all my skin massaging it. Press the button again, which will activate Hot Mode with Vibrations and repeat covering my face. Finally, I press the button once more to activate cool mode, and cover my skin. The cool mode especially does your skin a world of wonders. Hold the button again for 3 seconds, which will turn the device off.


My Full Review

My results were amazing, I have only used this device twice but every time I do the routine,  my skin feels incredible after. All my spots have cleared up and I always feel full of energy afterwards. I would recommend this product to everyone – my skin has never been in such a good state.

I hope you go purchase this product yourself because I am truly in love, completely helps clearing up the blemishes on your skin.

Don’t forget to purchase one, here

*** This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own ***

Getting Perfect Brows with Epibrow 

I’ve literally been trying to grow out my eyebrows for ages, purely because I want to re shape them better to suit my face. I never found any product good enough that grows out my brow hair faster and thicker. For a long time my eyebrow used to be dark brown and slowly fade into light hair so it literally looked like I had half a brow, it was a disaster.

I came in contact with a brand called Epibrow who are an international academy that supply Brow and Lash products to help keep them as healthy as ever. So when they offered to send me one of their Brow Serums, I thought why not, its worth the try! Honestly, the results were incredible. Pretty much after one day my brows started going slightly darker and the brow hair have grown so fast.
I am writing this review from using this product for two weeks, even after two weeks the little bottle is pretty much still full. So, I will be using it’s for a long time. After two weeks my brows have grown so thick and fast, I’m so happy it’s helped me grow out my eyebrows even more!

***WARNING: please be aware my eyebrows are in their natural and un plucked state. As I’m in the middle of growing them out – they are very messy.***


Before i started using this product my eyebrows were very fair hair which meant the ends of my eyebrows you can hardly see. I forever wish I was one of those people that could literally live in the natural brows without even touching them up, unfortunately that’s not me. This is purely why I am growing them out!


Okay, you can clearly see the difference and I’m only two weeks in. The hairs are so much more darker, they have grown SO fast! Since I’ve been using this product I have found it even easier to draw them in as they are good back to their natural shape. I am so happy with the results!

How I got my results 

As I have managed to get really good results, my daily EpibrOw routine is daily. When I wake up in the morning I make sure my skin is completely clean and fresh and I use the little brush in the bottle to brush the hairs with the oil. I massage the product into my eyebrows, purely because it helps boost the blood circulation, after I top it up I applied another layer of the product on top and let it naturally dry.

Epibrow products are so well worth it! I would recommend them to anyone. Especially this product Brow Design Serum, its £55 which is definitely worth splashing the cash on!
Another product Epibrow do which is highly recommend is their Eyelash Serum which works overnight and for best results over 4 weeks. I’m so eager to try this one, it sounds amazing!

Go buy your Brow Serum today and get your dream brows!

Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

I’ve always been so obsessed with keeping my skin clean and refreshed. Luckily, I have never had a problem with my skin apart from the occasional spots but yet I still lust for perfect smooth skin, well doesn’t everybody?

Apart from drinking heaps of water and my daily/nightly facial routine I’ve been longing for a facial cleansing brush that really does the job perfectly. I’ve wanted to find one for so long purely as an extra help to make sure all my makeup/dirt is completely drawn from my face. There’s no better feeling when my skin feels so healthy and looks glowing!
I came across a brand called Senssē beauty which they kindly gifted me one of their products. This being their Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush which I was soooo was excited to receive and review for all of you.

I must say when it arrived it came the most stunning packaging, a white box with gold writing on. I was even more amazed when I opened the box, the actual brush is so pretty! The brush is pink and bronze, which I love of course. As well as the Facial Cleansing Brush in the box includes a little booklet full of instructions and safety warnings, a USB cable and the most amazing pink glittered Luxe Cosmetic Bag. This brush is a great deep cleanser and also has an anti-ageing service button on the machine too.

The routine to use this brush is so simple and easy after the second use I didn’t need to read the manual again, as it was very straight forward.  Before using the device make sure the brush is fully charged, the device shows it’s fully charged when the flashing stops.


My routine when using the brush

Firstly, I used a makeup wipe to make sure all my makeup is pretty much removed. Alongside this, I use the Simple facial toner to make sure the rest of the dirt and makeup has been removed!

I apply warm water to my face and apply small amounts of No7 Cleansing lotion to the place I want to deep cleanse my skin. For me this tends to be on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Majority of the places you use this Facial brush is along your contouring lines.

Turn on the device by pressing the middle button once. The buttons on the left and on the right are to adjust the intensity, there are six different intensity levels. I normally set my intensity on level 3-4 and in circular motions all over the contoured parts of my face i deeply cleanse my face. For each part of my face I cleanse for about 15-20 seconds, I don’t tend to use the anti ageing button much.

You can use the back of the facial brush to massage your skin after use, I do this every time. To finish simply rinse and dry with a towel. I do this routine daily!
The best part of using this facial brush is it automatically switches off after 3 minutes of no activity, which is good because it is not recommended to do this more than 3 minutes each time.


My full review

Personally, this product has done my skin the world of good. From using this product every night I have found my skin looks so glowing and fresh, it feels so clean all the time too! When I first started to use this product I had a few spots on my forehead, honestly they have cleared up so much faster then they usually do. My skin currently looks so clean and I don’t even have one spot. I am so happy with the outcome of this product! I would recommend it to anyone and I will definitely be carrying on using this daily.

Even better, this silicone facial cleansing brush is currently on offer on Amazon. The normal price would be £90.00 and right now you can get it for £39.99!!!!


You’ll never know how truly amazing this device is until you actually use it yourself, but my favourite points that make this cleansing brush so good are;

  • There is six different intensity levels
  • It contains a built in timer
  • You can use it 180 times between each full charge which is AMAZING!
  • Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes
  • its WATERPROOF – with it being waterproof it means I can use it in the shower, which is the best and so much easier. Using it in the shower is also good, purely because it will basically clean the brush at the same time!

I hope I have you convinced as I am totally in love with it! I have a follow up blog post coming next Wednesday all about another Sensse product – so keep a look out!!

***This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own****

Skin Therapy with Skin Yoga

If you know me well, you’d know I’m crazy over skin care and treatments. I’m never not wearing a face mask, I mean who doesn’t love a detox at the end of a stressful day? I do. 

The presence of skin therapy makes me so excited. And then I came across Skin Yoga. Skin Yoga is a 100% natural, vegan skin care from Indian. I got delivered the Coffee Body Scrub and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It came in the nicest black and gold packaging with the cutest personal note and a product guide. The best thing about Skin Yoga products, especially this one is that it’s 100% natural.

The main thing I was completely stunned by was the smell of this body scrub. I know it’s coffee body scrub… but OH MY, the smell literally reminds of coffee in the morning. I was in Skin Yoga heaven! The ingredients for this particular Coffee Body Scrub is made from; Coffee Ground, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Seasame Oil.


How do I use it?

As I’m pretty much tanned 24 / 7 I only exfoliate when I need to redo my tan or take the patchy tan off. My favorite way to use this product, is by having a bath soak making sure everything is clean and refreshed. Whilst my skin is still wet I take small handfuls of the coffee scrub which I then scrub on my skin for 5-7 minutes. Rinse. It’s such an easy routine which can be achieved so quickly.

Does it work? 

What can I say.. It’s one of the best exfoliation products I have ever used. My skin feels completely fresh and cleansed ready for reapplication of tan. I have never been so pleased with a product… it’s smells completely gorgeous whilst leaving my skin so silky soft.

The reason it makes my skin feel so good is because even when it’s moisturising and nourishing your skin. It enhances fat and metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, reduces cellulite and stretch marks. There are so many more amazing qualities left to describe of this body scrub which I will let you all find out when you use it.


The coffee body scrub is £32 and can be purchased from Naturally Better You. I know it’s can seem pricey but honestly, it’s so worth it. The absolute best skin care product which completely soothes my skin.
(Even though this product has been sent to me to review, be sure this is entirely my own honest opinion. This is not an advertisement.)

Check out Skin Yoga on all these social media links, Go start your skin yoga today. 

Instagram is @janiroltd / @skinyoga

Facebook is @JaniroLtd / @skinyoga

Twitter is @JaniroLtd / @skinyoga

Pinterest is Janiro Ltd


I was very delighted when I received a product from Mbotanicals which was a bottle of their Daily Rejuvenator which is a daily moisturizer.

[M] BOTANICALS is a company trying to create skin care as natural as possible allowing us to protect our skin in the kindest way, they use plant-based ingredients. They create a wide range of face and body products which are all delicate and kind for your skin, alongside wax candles which smell divine.


Their products have won several shortlist beauty awards.


Daily Rejuvenator

The product they have sent to me is amazing, one of the best moisturizers I’ve used and I use a lot, believe me! The feeling after use is incredible, it smells so good and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. It contains Vitamin E and CoQ10 which is very good for your skin.

You can apply it by pumping it once on your hand and applying to face and neck after cleansing and toning using fingertips. I would recommend using this product, especially if you suffer with dry skin its makes you feel soft and refreshed within a second.

Even better, you can purchase it by clicking here for £32.00!!









As you all know I love Lee Stafford hair products as I use them all the time. Recently I wrote a review on all the Lee Stafford products I have, some are better than others however I could never use anything different as i am so used to using Lee Stafford Products.

To view my whole review on all the products click here.

Following on from this, last week Lee Stafford sent me one of their new products called Lived In Look Spray which I’m going to review in this post.



This product is great for any look, whether its being sprayed on messy natural hair to create that messy up-do look or whether its being sprayed on styled hair just wanting that extra shine and definition its perfect for an everyday look.

Lived in spray is very lightweight yet holds a very undone texture with a subtle grip that still leaves the hair feeling very clean and soft. As I mentioned I have only used this for a week so far however i cant stop using it everyday before I leave the house its essential to spray this product on my hair as it adds layers and creates that LIVED IN LOOK.

This Lee Stafford products adds texture, definition and shine, could you want any more in just one simple product? So obsessed with this product and its definitely now my favourite Lee Stafford product. I would recommend this product to anyone and its only £5.99 from Boots!!


Click here to check out my full Lee Stafford Products Review.



Pure Potions – Skin Salvation

I’ve always been someone who really cares for skin care and making my skin look as healthy as ever. I’ve always been lucky with spots as I’ve never had a serious condition, but I do get a few now and then. I have suffered with eczema as a child which wasn’t pleasant at all. I am ALWAYS trying new products from a variety of different brands – however, a lot of skin products I do use aren’t completely natural they contain some form of chemical substance which isn’t always good. My skin care routine completely changed once using Pure Potions – I haven’t been using these for a while but they are amazing and gentle for your skin.

Have you ever heard of Pure Potions skin care?

They make products which are 100% natural!! Could it get any better?

Yes, as well as being 100% Natural, they are also Vegan Friendly and so healthy for you skin. After the first application my skin automatically feels so soft and refreshed! I own 4 different Pure Potions products which are all in the Skin Salvation range.

Pure Potions Skin Salvation – Daily Moisturising Cream

This product is my favourite out of all of them as I love moisturisers anyway but this product is amazing! After applying my skin is SO soft and feeling refreshed. I use this daily alongside drinking loads of water which really has helped developing my skin care routine. This product is extremely good for people with dry skin and suffer with eczema – this product can instantly help clearing eczema and dry skin.

Click here to view this product.


Pure Potion Skin Salvation – Bath and Body Emollient Oil


This product is incredible and it works so well! This product makes your skin feel so smooth and silky after use by completely adding the moisture you loose during a bath or shower.

Even better this product can be used as a facial cleanser, a massage oil or even shaving oil. This product suits any ages & anyone’s needs – I highly recommend this product! This product is extremely good for people with dry skin and suffer with eczema – this product can instantly help clearing eczema and dry skin.

Click here to view this product.


Pure Potions Skin Salvation – Intensive Moisturising Ointment

This product is another daily treatment to use which is fantastic. I tend to use this product when my own skin because very worn down and dry as I know I can completely rely on this products to uplifted my skin and make me feel fresh. It is ever so easy to apply, the product glides across your skin and is very easy to rub in.

As well as this product helping you clear your dry skin and eczema it is extremely rich and deeply moisturising. This product is extremely good for people with dry skin and suffer with eczema – this product can instantly help clearing eczema and dry skin.

Click here to view this product.


Pure Potions Skin Salvation – Intensive Lip Balm

I’m not normally someone who wears lip balm as part of my skin care routine but having tried this product its extremely good and so soft for your lips. This product is very rich and highly hydrating, it can be used as a smoothing balm under your lip stick or lip gloss or just use for the dry elements of your face.


Click here to view this product.

If you are someone that struggles with dry skin or eczema these products are amazing to bring your skin back to a healthy condition and they will really nourish your skin. However, if you are after a extremely good moisturiser which is completely made from natural products Pure Potions is the place for you! Click here to view their website.



Lee Stafford Products Review

Nothing I love more than trying out different products, whether its makeup/skin care or even hair products. I love keeping my hair in a good condition – I always find when my hair doesn’t feel healthy it really brings me down. I shampoo and condition my hair every morning which I know is really bad, but I can’t start the day without clean and washed hair.

My favourite hair products to use are my Lee Stafford collection which I have quite a few of – don’t get me wrong I use some more than others because each product has its own quality and value. You can buy the products to the way you want your hair styled which is great, from Straight to Curls these products suit any hair style.


I normally always have my hair straight as that is what I personally suit more, on a rare occasion I will curl my hair or have it wavy. So these products are amazing for me I barely have to straight my hair as my the products did it all. I never have to worry about my hair looking frizzy or fluffy. These products are from the ‘Poker Straight’ collection – this includes; Shampoo, Conditioner, Heat Protection Sprays, Protection Mist and Shine Serum. From all these I have only tired the shampoo and conditioner but cant wait to try the others.

Using the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shampoo already gives you a head start on getting beautiful, straight hair. I adore this product, it always leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth which is topped up with a your hair looking shiny and healthy. It completely cleanses your hair and has an amazing fragrance to go with it.

After application, I always follow with the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Conditioner again this product completely tops the silky and smooth finish. This conditioner has a special ingredient which keeps your hair safe and healthy when using heating tools. This reduces frizz and static energy in your hair – this has a beautiful fragrance too. Both these products are fairly affordable too being £5.99 for each the shampoo and conditioner.



Whenever I feel my hair is getting into a bad condition I always turn to this product – it really helps me repair my hair to a cleansed and healthy state. The spray is really light-weight and it never leaves a greasy effect.

When using this Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Light Oil Repairing Mist you can certainly always tell a difference when applying this my hair never fails to feel restored, fresh, pampered and repaired. It’s so easy to use and again has a wonderful fragrance.



This is one of my favourite Lee Stafford products when I use it. As I wash my hair every morning I hardly use dry shampoo but when I do I couldn’t use a different product compared to this one. It completely revives my hair by being so absorbent. I can always face the day after using this.

This Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo product completely fights my roots and makes my hair feel so refreshed and clean with a fantastic fragrance. You can purchase travel sizes of this dry shampoo which is amazing for your travel bag essential.



By far this is my favourite Lee Stafford product everyday I use this no matter what – if you’re anything like me my hair gets so frizzy and static so easy. When straightening my hair it goes flicky and wavy within ten minutes of stepping outside. But not anymore, after using this product my hair stays straight and smooth all day. I always spray it before I leave in the morning and before bed.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier keeps my hair straight all day and develops frizz protection with a gorgeous fragrance. This is £6.49 from boots. Very affordable and well worth the money.



If you are someone like me, I use heating tools everyday which literally destroys my hair after a while. So this product truly is a miracle product, you have to spray on towel dried hair and after hair is dry for best results. Don’t get me wrong my hair still gets in a bad condition but this product seriously decreases the time it gets in a bad condition.

This product Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray is induced with Moroccan oil which makes my hair feel completely healthy after use, ending in a silky and smooth finish. The spray is very light weight and has a beautiful fragrance.



I am sucker when it comes hairspray can never get enough of it – I probably spray too much when I use it. There are so many different hairsprays which you can pretty much buy from anywhere. This hairspray is good but I have used hairsprays which are as good but cheaper. For example when I don’t have this hair spray, I always use VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray which is water-resistant too and £3.00.

The Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray is £6.00 and can be purchased in Boots. It holds your hair in place all day, completely long-lasting. There is no stiffness and has a great fragrance – I would definitely recommend this product.



If you love having your hair full of volume this product is definitely for you! Your hair will contain a lot of padding and really holds your hair in place. Using this product with the Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray is the best combination ever – definitely recommend.

This Lee Stafford Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray is incredible to get thick volume hair, it has an extremely ultra strong hold and has a very low stickiness.



I don’t tend to have my hair curly at all, so this product is the one product I hardly use. When I have used it really creates thick, unruly curls. This Lee Stafford Crème Curl product really defines and controls great curls without frizzing.



So many people have asked me about Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and let me tell you now its the best product I have ever used for hair growth. I don’t use it much now because I have changed my hair style to be short instead of long. When I did use this my hair completely started growing longer and longer so fast. It improves your hair condition and creates a healthy scalp with a great fragrance. My hair last year went all the way down to the end of my back, so if you want long hair and a healthy scalp, get this product!! It’s insanely good.

Lee Stafford hair products are very good and I recommend them all! Whether you want straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or even hair growth anything you need Lee Stafford products will suit your needs.



Makeup Bag Essentials

Whenever I leave the house I always take a makeup bag or makeup products with me, these products always make me feel refreshed or just to top up my makeup. Most of them are all travelled size so they fit perfectly in my makeup bag. All products are listed below.







MAC 48 Lash eyelashes with Duo glue. These eyelashes are my favourite, they are fiercely wispy & have a dramatic length. I always carry a spare pair of eyelashes around with me when I wear them. These eyelashes give the best finishing touch to my makeup.

Alongside this I attach these to my eye using Duo glue which is amazing, always keeps my eyelashes on for all period of time, the very small tubes are perfect to carry around and use to top up if needed.

ALWAYS carry around top up lipstick / lip-gloss when wearing it. I don’t really tend to wear it much but when I do I only use certain ones. However when I don’t wear it, which is pretty much all the time – I always wear clear lip gloss! In fact, I wear NYX Clear Mega Shine Gloss , this product is incredible the lip gloss stays on for ages and the shine is unreal. The size makes it very easy to carry around in my makeup bag.

One of my favourite liquid lipsticks I love to wear is my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the colour Patina. This definitely does stay on all day and its amazing. When you apply the lipstick it instantly turns to a matted state – which looks so good. This lipstick even stay on through eating and drinking throughout the day. It takes a while to remove it – nevertheless, the result is worth it.

Sometimes I tend to wear my Too Faced lipstick which is called ‘La Crème’. This is basically melted lipstick which is very good, I love it.

Mascara is a HUGE element of my make up essential. I always use the No7 Velvet Lash as this is one of the best mascaras I have yet to try. The brush makes my lashes look amazing. Really easy to fit in my makeup bag as well.

No7 Eye Makeup Remover I always carry round a travel size version and cotton wool pads just in case I want to take my make up off. I love this product is very oily but wipes my makeup of very easy. It is definitely refreshing. Easy to carry around with me too.

I tend to take a small eyeshadow palette with me depending on what I’m wearing. In my makeup bag at the moment is my L’Oréal Palette in the colour Riche Quad. I love this eyeshadow palette its so natural and so easy to use.

CONCEALER, CONCEALER, CONCEALER. This is defiantly a must, I always take concealer round with me just in case my makeup rubs of at all. I use the Maybelline Cover Stick Thick Concealer, for the best coverage. I would definitely recommend this.

This is everything I love to carry in my makeup bag, however I always carry around a few makeup brushes and always hair bobbles and grips. That’s part of a girls must haves.

What’s in your makeup bag? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Teeth Whitening

People that know me well know I love having white teeth / experimenting different teeth whitening techniques. I have tired so many different methods good and bad. The last product I tried was BlanX White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment which I used along side BlanX White Shock Instant White Toothpaste. At the start of this treatment it really worked, however as it comes into touch with water it became really rusty & its quite time consuming if you are using this twice a day. After a lot of researching different methods I realised one of the best techniques is a mixture of Colgate products – which is such a common brand, you just need to be looking for the right products. Colgate is reasonably affordable which is great; considering some teeth whitening products can be very expensive.

Step-By-Step Guide To Teeth Whitening

I brush my teeth using Colgate Max Expert White 360 Toothbrush & Whitening Pen for at least 3 minutes using Colgate Max White Optic Toothpaste or Colgate Max White Expert Cool Mint Toothpaste. After I use Colgate Max White Mouthwash and finish with a whitening tool used on the end of my Colgate Max Expert White 360 Toothbrush.

Colgate Max Expert White 360 Toothbrush

This toothbrush I recently purchased its a standard toothbrush end with a rubber whitening pen tool. Its especially designed for removing stains and whitening teeth. It is completely safe which contains no harmful substances. It leaves your teeth feeling very fresh and clean. This product is amazing, I haven’t been using it for long but I can definitely tell a difference already!! This toothbrush is a reasonable price at just £12.00.

Colgate Max White Optic Toothpaste

This toothpaste is amazing as its completely instant but developing as well. Its dark blue when using, literally turns you mouth blue. Its worth it because it works extremely well. You can purchase this for only £4.00!!

Colgate Max White Mouthwash

This is one of my favourite whitening products ever!! Again, this is very instant after using you feel very refreshed and clean. I have gone through 5 bottles of this and cant go out without using this mouthwash. It completely keeps away any food or drink stains and seriously brightens / whitens your teeth. I always buy this from boots for £4.20.

I would 100% recommend using these products to whiten your teeth. They will always work for me, its a very quick process and makes you feel very refreshed and clean. Ready to face your day with a smile.

Click here to purchase Colgate Max Expert White 360 Toothbrush

Click here to purchase Colgate Max White Optic Toothpaste

Click here to purchase Colgate Max White Mouthwash


Leave a comment below on your teeth whitening recommendations, I would love to hear!!

L’Oréal Makeup

I have always struggled trying to find a good foundation that actually lasts all day – even with primer and setting spray on my foundation always rubs off after a few hours. I’ve tried so many different makes from Mac to Max Factor to Rimmel London and many more. I wanted a foundation that is matte and stays on for a significant amount of time after a few years of searching for different foundations, I have finally come across this amazing trio which always keeps my makeup on clearly until I take it off.

L’Oréal Makeup

The first piece of this amazing trio is my L’Oréal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base. As well as foundations I have been searching into different primers I used to use Nivea After Shaving Cooling Gel, however I tend to use No7 primer or this one. This L’Oréal primer is amazing the substance is gel which is very oily but it blends into the skin very well. This primer as well encourages your final look to be very matte and the primer helps your foundation blend evenly into your skin. This product is very affordable as well at £7.99 and sold in a tube container. Click here to find out more information about the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base.

The second product is my L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation – which like I mentioned is one of the best foundations for my makeup to stay on. I brought this foundation just to try something different – which I brought in a darker colour for when I am tanned. I will be buying a lighter shade soon so I can wear this all the time. The matte texture is pure but very effective and the foundation is very easy to blend in. It lasts up to 24 hours which is true and it is waterproof which is even better. Amazing coverage. Again, it’s very affordable for £7.99. Click here to find out more information about the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation.

The last product is my L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist 100ml – this product is really good and certainly does the job. It’s a liquid substance with powder – this means you really have to shake it before using as the first couple time you use it you will get white dots on your face. After this has passed the fixing mist itself is amazing. It sets the makeup really well and definitely adds on the time the base of the makeup lasts for. This product is very affordable as well at just £7.99. Click here to find out more information about the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist.

All these products together truly create the perfect long-lasting face makeup. Now my makeup will stay on for hours without even fading.

L’Oréal makeup is in promotion at the moment 3 for 2 which is amazing. This means you could purchase these three products for under £16 which is definitely very affordable. Would definitely recommend these products.

Click here look at all L’Oréal products.



Favourite Tanning Products

Everyone loves being tanned, right? I absolutely love walking around while looking tanned, it makes me feel more better about myself with a good tan. So I thought I’d tell you guys about my favourite tanning products I use.
I have tried so many different products for self tan, I sometimes have spray tans but not very often. If I do have spray tan I will always use the tanning shop in Stafford town.

St. Moriz Tanning Moose

One of the tanning products I use is called St. Moriz, you may or may not of heard of it, but you can buy this product from all most anywhere, you can even get it from supermarkets. I would usually buy mine from Home Bargains, as its most probably the cheapest. I use to use this product all time, it’s very good and comes out really well but sometimes too heavy, so if you want only a nice bronze glow I would suggest going for a lighter tanned shade. You can always get this product as a spray & a lotion, I do use the moose version as I find it the easiest to apply!

This product I always apply using a tanning Mitt, however this can sometimes come out really streaky and can often feel quite sticky after use. This tanning product is very superior, I mainly use this if I just need a tan for the next day or put it on in the morning so it’s begins to show in the evening. This tan will only last through one shower and it’s developing, if you just get a splash of water on it, it will instantly go very streaky – this sometimes doesn’t look as good.

Click here to purchase St. Moriz

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam

This is my new favourite tanning product, it is the most expensive ones I have used at £14.99 but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it! You can get this in so many different formats, which is great. The smell of the fake tan is so nice as its coconut scented, it doesn’t leave any stains or streaks at all. The results show immediately and also develops over 6 hours and lasts a long time. The tanning product is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and comes out so even. Anyone wanting a great looking even tan I would definitely recommend this product. I use a tanning mitt to apply this fake tan.

Click here to purchase the Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam

Dove Tinted moisturizer

My all – time favourite tanning lotion is defiantly Dove tinted moisturizer in shade medium – dark. I go through so many bottles of this, it’s incredible. You can buy this product from a local Boots or Superdrug store and again can be found in some supermarkets. Normally this product costs around £7.00 which is slightly more expensive than the St. Moriz, but at the moment in boots it’s only £3.49! I’ve recently been and brought 3 more bottles as the price has gone down slightly. This product is a lotion and I apply it with my hands, which is ok as long as you remember to wash your hands after, they can go very dark. Sometimes I forgot and really regret the next day – though remember not to wash your hands too much as you don’t want a tanned body and then white hands. I love this product as it comes out amazing, I do often tend to put two layers on when applying; it’s so easy to apply and as it’s a moisturizer it softens your skin and makes you feel so much healthier – the tan also doesn’t leave a horrendous smell either. When wearing this tan it always lasts about 4-5 days and that also allows me to shower everyday; obviously when it comes to-day 4-5 I can become a bit streaky and not as tanned, however it defiantly still shows a great tan. I usually apply it about once a week, and it’s defiantly looks good all week.

These pictures above are picture of my tan using the Dove Tinted Moisturizer.


Ferne Bronzing Moose Express Tan

This is my latest fake tanning product which I brought a few weeks ago. I saw someone promoting it on Instagram – this fake tan is Ferne McCann’s brand. This tan is incredible as it’s an express tan; its instant however its develops over time and lasts for a about a week. I normally apply 2 – 3 layers and don’t need to top it up for ages. You can buy this product from or Superdrug. You can buy this fake tan in so many different formats either moose or lotion – natural tan / gradual tan / express tan / deep glow. You can get girt sets which is perfect for presents or just the bottle. You can get a tanning mitt along with this.

Shop all Ferne McCann Beauty here.

It’s affordable as well; the price ranges from £12.00 – £16.00.

I would definitely recommend this product!