Boohoo Lounging in Lockdown


Hey guys! Hope you are all surviving lock down, I am managing to be quite productive by getting a lot of stuff done! How are you spending time in lock-down?

One of the things i am missing most in lock-down is definitely dressing up and actually making an effort, I’ve spent majority of the lock down in tracksuits and binge watching  Gossip Girl. At the minute because of obvious reasons I am unable to go out and dance around in nice little outfits to show you all! However, its not the end off the world I can try and compromise with home photography, luckily for me I live with one of my best mates and hes great at taking photos. So now more than ever is the perfect time to discuss, Loungewear; even though we are unable to go out and wear nice little outfits, nothings stopping you to be a little trendy in the house. For me mentally i feel 10 times better, when i’m wearing a nice tracksuit around the house. Whilst i am also saving money, i thought this would be the perfect time to do some sort of loungewear haul, I brought a load of new comfy clothes so live in from Boohoo, which I’m so excited to show you!

I buy quite a few clothes from Boohoo, i always find its so affordable and the delivery time is always so quick! For this lounge-wear haul, I have brought many different items and styles, to comfy jumpsuits, basic tees to the most comfiest joggers. I have a massive love for comfy clothes, to the point where now i’m dreading putting jeans back on! When I ordered clothes for this haul I ordered some clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear, or items which I know are different but that you would all love!

With this in mind, starting it off – I ordered this Mix and Match Teal Jumpsuit, to be honest with you when I ordered this I didn’t read it properly and thought it was a co-ord tracksuit set not a jumpsuit. When it arrived I was slightly disappointed and adamant I wasn’t going to like this, especially on me. I actually never tired this on until I was about to take a photo, and wasn’t planning on including it in. In reality it turns out this was one of my favourite outfits on this haul, one hundred percent this looks so much better on, instead of on the hanger. It is super comfy, the colour is bright but I love it, especially against my pink hair currently! The jumpsuit also has an oval open back which I love. Unfortunately they don’t have this on their site anymore, so I have tagged a few similar below.


Similar product on this, on Boohoo currently.

Off Shoulder Pocket Detail Lounge Jumpsuit= Currently £15.40

Basic Viscose Strappy Cami Jumpsuit = Currently £11.20

Contract Panelled Crop Hooded Tracksuit = Currently £22.40

Ok, so for me at home this is such a go-to outfit for me, especially when I am feeling a bit warm and I’m running around doing bits around the house. This is definitely one of my favourite outfits to wear. Just as simple as some cycling shorts and a cosy jumper, I already own loads of cycling shorts in different colours. The one I am wearing in the pictures are a 2 in 1 pack from Boohoo, you get 2 black pairs of cycling shorts in one pack for only £8.40!! As for the jumper, I don’t actually think I own a proper cosy jumper that is not a hoodie – when I am home I practically live in cosy hoodies, which I would normally pair with some cycling shorts. This was the perfect time to order a nice cosy jumper, which is also trendy. I ordered the Wisconsin Oversized Washed Jumper, and I absolutely love it! It is so comfy and looks so trendy with some cycling shorts. Only £14.00 at the moment! I ordered this in a large as I wanted it even more oversized, its definitely my favourite outfit from this haul. I think I will be ordering some more Jumpers like this soon, especially from Boohoo. I have just checked this item and its completely sold out, I will let you guys know when its back in stock!! In the meantime, there are loads of trendy jumpers on boohoo right now, check this Freedom and Love Slogan Jumper for £12.60, its so cute!



Whilst we are on the topic of cycling shorts, addition to the above I also ordered another top to wear with cycling shorts, for more of a hotter day. I ordered a very lightweight oversized plunge top, I just think these are really easy to wear with anything – especially when you need to quickly chuck something on. However the material is very thin, so I always tend to layer this top which a thick sports bar or a cropped tight camisole. If i wasn’t wearing this with cycling shorts, I would normally pair this with some black joggers/leggings, for a casual trendy look. They stock this in, Black White and Grey currently, some of the other colours are out of stock currently, at the moment they are priced at £11.20! I ordered mine in the colour Stone, in a size 12 to get it more baggy.


Everyone loves matching two pieces, whether is for chilling around the house in, going to the club in, going to the gym in etc etc. I’m a big lover of two piece’s especially comfy ones to wear relaxing. This one is ridiculously comfy and so cute to wear, I have fallen in love with this. Its a black knitted two piece, could you think of anything more dreamy!! The top is knitted, cropped and has a hood which is super cute; the joggers are also knitted, they so baggy and so warm to wear. As I am quite short, I ordered this set in petite! The Knitted joggers are currently £11.20 only! The knitted cropped hoody which is also only £9.80, the prices are so affordable at the moment, especially if your income is being affected by the lockdown and you need to treat yourself for a little pick me up, this is perfect. By the way, there isn’t much stock of these left so order it whilst you can.


The next two outfits are basically the same outfit but in different colours, its the simplest comfy outfit everyone should have! A Basic Jersey and Basic Joggers – I own a lot of joggers from different brands, but I must say the boohoo joggers are most probably some of my comfiest yet! The jersey tops, are just simple long sleeved cropped top; I actually really love these tops, they look great on. They are also perfect for wearing out with jeans, or I would even wear the black version with some cute leather shorts, maybe a blazer for some dressy drinks. These tops come in various colours; Black, Grey, White, Navy, Wine and Stone etc, plus they are only £8.40!! I got these in a size 10! The Basic Loopback Joggers , these are similar to the tops they come in different colours – super comfy. However these are out of stock at the moment as well, in most colours! As an alternative they have some Pocket Detail Joggers for the same price, £12.60, in different colours. They are pretty much the same, the only difference is the cord on all colours is white – which I actually really like, very aesthetic.

09D0A4E6-A58A-43CE-A726-2567A57B58D0 99E7EABF-14FB-4A3A-BEE7-5C539BA41083

This outfit is quite similar to that last one, just the joggers are slightly different and its a t shirt with some super cool details on it. OK, honestly these joggers are the comfiest joggers I own, they are SO soft! They are a brushed jersey jogger material, they feel like PJ’s. I probably wouldn’t wear them out the house, however to chill and even sleep in, they are worth the buy. They are currently £12.60. I own a lot of T shirts, but this tee particularly I love. It’s a black plain t shirt with a leopard ringer around the neck and arm hems, it just adds that extra piece of detail which makes this top super cute! The top is currently only £8.40, and it comes in loads of colours too!!

Whilst we are on the topic of leopard print, at the same time I also picked up this really cute leopard print tee. Its a plain black tee, with a strip of leopard print pattern and a strip of brown blocked colour across. It is such a simple design but so effective at the same time. It is super cute with joggers or even cycling shorts, or some nice jeans and biker boots. I ordered size M and its only £5.60!!


This pretty much sums up my loungewear haul with Boohoo! I’m so excited to spend the next few weeks lazying around in super cute cosy outfits around the house, I might even take one to a trip to Asda, haha! As I have previously mentioned a lot of my pieces on here are now all out of stock, I will keep you updated on my Instagram stories when these hopefully come back in stock! All will be tagged in the ‘shop my style‘ page on my blog and all will be linked on my 21 buttons profile too! I will be doing a few more hauls soon, if there is anything you’d like to see or anything you’d like me to try and cover on my blog, if just leave a comment below.


There is nothing better than stepping into the new year with a brand new style, pretty much everyone loves a fresh start in January – New Year, New Me. This year is different for me because I am fully content with myself right now and so happy and lucky to be going into 2018 with everyone I love around me. But, this definitely doesn’t mean not to go and splash some more money on some new items for my new 2018 wardrobe.

Luckily enough for me, I’ve been sent some clothes to show you all and I’m totally in love with what I’ve been sent. No word of a lie, before going and shooting this outfit look I wore one of the items pretty much everyday and I still am wearing it now; (don’t worry, it has been washed.) The items sent to me came from a brand called Tobi – who are a very on trend fashion retailer offering a wide range of different products which will cover everyone’s needs.

I’ve styled the items of clothing all together to show how I’d wear them. The first item that I was sent a Red Wrap Dress which is gorgeous. I tend to struggle to look nice in a wrap dress but for some reason this one from Tobi is a beautiful fit and so comfortable. It’s arrived in time and absolutely perfect for New Years.

I styled this dress with cute silver heels from Dorothy Perkins and a camel blazer which was actually also sent to me by Tobi – I’d wear this cute jacket to go with it when it’s cold outside or slightly dress it down.

Alongside the Camel Blazer, the last thing I was sent was a turtle necked cropped knitwear jumper which is so fashionable and comfy to wear. It goes absolutely perfect with the blazer on top. This outfit is perfect for a cute lunch date, casual but classy.

I styled this look with gorgeous Red Tassel Earrings and jeans from Topshop. Alongside my gorgeous mustard cross body bag from Accessorize.

Grab your own New Style for 2018 here!

Outfit Details –

Chill With Me Boyfriend Blazer

Maria Cross Front Wrap Dress

Sadie High Neck Knit Top

Mustard Cross Body Bag

Hope you all have a fabulous new year and I’m so excited to share more and grow with you all in 2018!



It’s that time of year again when everyone goes around setting loads of new year resolutions to make 2018 a lot better than the year before. I’m going to be writing a blog post soon reflecting on the year 2017 itself and what I have planned for 2018 – but to kick this off, I want to share with you a tiny personal New Years resolution.

It’s only been recently where I have been obsessed with jewellery and wearing it. I’ve never been a proper jewellery person as half the time I can’t be bothered to accessorise up my outfit – more it really is so important. The perfect finishing touch. I mainly where a lot of jewellery on a night out just to add a splash of sparkle and sass. With this in mind a tiny silly goal of mine for 2018 is to start wearing jewellery all the time and fill up my jewellery box.

To help kick this New Years Resolution off I was sent the most gorgeous bracelet from Judy Luxury. The jewellery is a beautiful rose gold charm bracelet which is in fact fashion designer inspired – this means it’s super on trend and gorgeous to style with a matching rose gold watch.

Did I forget to mention.. this gorgeous bracelet is only $9.90?! Talk about a affordable last minute Christmas gift – I’m so obsessed with it and it’s definitely going to be worn a lot! Pick up your own Judy Luxury bracelet now!


Its that time of the year again, Black Friday providing us with incredible discounts across all our favourite brands just in time to get our Christmas shopping done with the cheapest weekend in retail. Luckily, for me Black Friday has landed on my pay day and probably will be the same for a lot of people. But, in reality its a very dangerous combination- of course, I will be spending it all! Working in retail does not help me at all, I pretty much have mentally bought the entire store I work in, on the bright-side I have found some of the most amazing black Friday deals in store which I just need to share with you!

As you probably have already guessed I work in an OUTFIT store which provides brands of the likes of;Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Burton The variety of clothes is very wide and we can provide an outfit for every occasion.


Yes, thats correct Outfit are offering up to 50% off for Black Friday. I have spent several hours this week going around our store picking out some gorgeous outfits and showing you my current OUTFIT favourites in store which are all part of our black Friday deals. I have taken photos of my favourite current trends, all outfits from casual wear to cold winter warmers to Christmas / New Years party outfits.

All links to these outfits are linked below with the reduced price during Black Friday. All the photos and products have been taken from the OUTFIT Stafford store – come check out our deals in store and all sales advisors will be their to help you find the best deals and the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Kicking off our Black Fridays deals.. I’ve taken pictures of my current favourite pieces in store right now! All links below.

TOPSHOP – Faux Shearling Biker Jacket

product code: 11A01MBLK

Original Price: £79.00

PRICE NOW: £55.00!

Miss Selfridge – Black Quilted Tote Bag

product code: 49D40VBLK

Original Price: £29.00

PRICE NOW: £14.50

(all sold out in Black online – available in Outfit Stafford Store)

Miss Selfridge – Cobalt Funnel Neck Crop Tops

product code: 12E15VCBL

Original Price: £12.00

PRICE NOW: £8.40!

Dorothy Perkins – Black ‘Ali’s’ Ankle Boots

product code: 19115710

Original Price: £39.00

PRICE NOW: £27.30!

(My favourite boots we have in store right now)

TOPSHOP – Cross Back Longline Jumper

product code: 23L18MBLK

Original Price: £35.00

PRICE NOW: £25.00!

(selling out quick – check my tips on how to style this jumper here.)

Dorothy Perkins – Pewter ‘Ena’ Two Part Court Shoes

product code: 19112362

Original Price: £25.00

PRICE NOW: £17.50!

(I have purchased these myself 🤪 – keep on strolling to see how I’ve styled them!)

Wallis – Pink Eyelet Shoulder Jumper

product code: 192787017

Original Price: £36.00

PRICE NOW: £25.20!

(Obsessed with the eyelet detailing on the shoulder)

TOPMAN – Black and White Houndstooth Overcoat

product code: 12E15VCB

Original Price: £80.00

PRICE NOW: £60.00!

(Selling fast!)

I have put together a few outfits which are pretty much all in our Black Friday promotions –keep scrolling!


Knitwear/ Miss Selfridge – Pink Eyelet Detail Knitted Jumper

product code: 13D03VPNK

Original Price: £35.00

PRICE NOW: £24.50!

(Eyelet detailing is so trendy right now!)

Vinyl Skirt – TOPSHOP – Cracked Vinyl Zip Mini Skirt

product code: 27A18MBLK

Original Price: £39.99

PRICE NOW: £25.00!

Dress – Miss Selfridge

This dress is currently out of stock online, however we have it stocked in our Stafford store and its currently 20% OFF – perfect for your Christmas parties!

Shoes –

Dorothy Perkins – Pewter ‘Ena’ Two Part Court Shoes

product code: 19112362

Original Price: £25.00

PRICE NOW: £17.50



This top is currently sold out online too, but not to worry pop down to our outfit store where we have it stocked up!


Knitwear/ Miss Selfridge – Pink Eyelet Detail Knitted Jumper

product code: 13D03VPNK

Original Price: £35.00

PRICE NOW: £24.50!

(this jumper even looks so stylish with trousers) 

Dorothy Perkins – Check Belted Tapered Trousers

Price- £25.00!

Product Code: 66894930

( these are full price currently, but I love them and they are very on trend right now)


TOPSHOP – Chain Strap Camisole Top 

product code: 13R10MKHA

Original Price: £26.00

PRICE NOW: £20.00!

Dorothy Perkins – Check Belted Tapered Trousers

Price- £25.00!

Product Code: 66894930


Dorothy Perkins – Silver Longline Faux Fur Coat

product code: 98534000

Original Price: £59.00

PRICE NOW: £40.00!

Happy Black Friday and hope you enjoy shopping!

Click here to view my Instagram story for more of the best deals at OUTFIT fashion UK.


As we are on the subject of Christmas and next week we will be whipping out our advert calendars, I thought I’d show you a cute stylish yet so Christmassy outfit I put together. I wore it for my towns light switch on which it was perfect for, this outfit is so perfect to wear on a night out too, now it’s getting colder. Just chuck a pair of red or black heels on and you are good to go! The leather leggings especially are what dresses this outfit up completely!

When buying leather leggings I always pictured them looking ridiculous on and I always think about how much of a pain they are to get on and off, especially when you’re hot and sweaty. However, on the other hand they are so in trend right now and essential to have this season, just swapping your average everyday jeans for your leather leggings can totally bring more style and life to your outfit.

A brand called Caris Closet approached me to send me an item of clothing, I noticed they had a pair of leather leggings on their website so I took the risk of getting some. I was so excited for them to arrive. I must say… the packaging was incredible. I was so happy with the leggings and amazed how amazing they fit on me, compared to how I thought they’d fit. I mean if I was ever so slightly taller they’d fit perfect but even with them ruffled slightly they still look great on! After wearing the leggings a few times I realised I loved the fact inside the leggings it was layered with soft material – this allowed me to get the leggings on and off so easily without them sticking to me and kept me so warm all night!

You definitely need to get yourself some leather leggings this season.

I styled these wet look leather leggings with the most gorgeous black glittered jumper fromTopshop and studded biker boots from Missguided. The perfect winter outfit.

Get your own Caris Closet leather leggings today.. click here!

How To Style Popper Trousers with Missguided

With red being so hot right now for this season I thought I’d show you my new red popper styled trousers, and how I wear them casually with a pair of trainers and how a pair of heels can make them look super classy and party ready!

I like to think I can be quite bold when experimenting with different styles, even if they turn me into looking like a walking potato.. at least I tried! These red trousers were definitely a risk, mainly on the fact I’m definitely not the tallest person, so I pictured them literally drowning me. Alongside this, with them being a bright bold red shade, I was anxious they’d be too much. What am I going on about… too much? I’m currently sat here with my red trousers on, a red puffer jacket and red lipstick, and now I’m definitely stressed if it’s too much! Anyway, back to the subject of the trousers, I was going to originally buy them in the black with the white stripes down the side, playing it safe! These were out of stock at the time, this forced me to get the red trousers and I’m so glad I did! I am 100% going to go back and get the black ones too, if missguided are still stocking them!

When the trousers came, I was so excited to get them on! I was so surprised with them, they are so flattering on my figure, even with me being short they made my legs look naturally a lot longer. Having the poppers down the side help as well, as you can flash a bit of skin to make them look slightly more stylish. My personal preference I always make sure I have 3-4 poppers undone at the side, it makes it look flattering but not too much at the same time.

Casual Style

I’m quite a casual person, I’d definitely take a pair of trainers and jeans, any day over heels and a skirt. To style these up on a casual look, I styled these trousers with a Red Puffer Jacket, a white tee (which has red writing, so they relate together) and my Adidas white/black superstars. This outfit is so comfy and stylish, even though you probably can see me from a mile away all in red, I’m obsessed with this look for this season!

Dress It Up’

I have worn these trousers on several nights out now, and all I’ve had is compliments! They are very classy but still quite dressy, when matched with heels and jewellery. I styled this look with small block heels and a mesh top on top of a black plain vest top for this shoot. When I am actually on a night out I always tend to wear a bra-let under the mesh top inside of a vest top! The mesh top I’ll slightly tie to make it tight around my waist!

Outfit details below

Red Popper Trousers – Missguided (couldn’t find the exact one, linked some similar)

Mesh Top – Missguided

Red Puffer Jacket – New Look

Trainers – Adidas Superstars

Block Heels – Primark

When I purchased these red popper trousers, I also came across poppers trousers in a culotte style, which were very intriguing… I had to buy them! I haven’t seen many people wearing these ones, so I thought I’d purchase as they were on a cheaper deal!

I styled these trousers as an outfit I’d probably go on a shopping trip in, they are so comfy and so stylish.

I styled this one again, with the mesh tied top, small block boots and thrown it on with a denim jacket. I am so obsessed with this look and these trousers, I think they are so classy!

Outfit Details Below

Culotte Popper Trousers – Missguided

Mesh Top – Missguided

Denim Jacket – Missy Empire

Boots – Primark

Collecting my winter wardrobe together with London Rag

Happy 5th November everyone, I hope you all are celebrating with loads of fireworks and cute outfits… with today being Bonfire night it makes it feel so closer to Christmas now!

The cold weather is now here, I’m currently sat in bed with loads of layers on and a massive cup of coffee while it’s about 1 Degree outside. Nevertheless I am so excited for the cold weather to get colder and to start wearing cute bobble hats and gloves, yay! Ahh I’ve got the Christmas vibe already so much.

It’s that time of the month when I am currently switching my summer wardrobe to my warm knits and cosy coats. I am loving this season, as it’s the season to wear boots of all kind! Cosy Jumpers and High Boots is the vibe right now.

London Rag completely treated me with sending me few items to help my winter wardrobe come together. I must say I was in love with everything on their website and it was so hard to choose some items! One of my outfits is perfect for Bonfire Night and you need to see it!

They kindly sent me two jumpers, some boots and a handbag. I genuinely can’t get over how amazing the outfits look together and I’ve had SO many people say how much they like what I’m wearing, mainly when I’ve been wearing items from London Rag. I spent a while shooting for this collaboration with London Rag, so all the looks are shown below with all the links to where you can get everything from.

All Outfit Links
Velvet Jumper Dress – this is so perfect for Bonfire Night with tights and cute boots. I tend to also wear these with jeans as well.

Pink & White Jumper – I’m so obsessed with this one, it’s warm and so flattering with boots and trainers.

Black Heeled Boots – These boots are so cute, they are ridiculously comfy and are so flattering.

Ring Detailed Bag – I’ve wanted a bag like this for SO long, it’s such a stylish bag. It’s got two different straps too!

3 Essential Coats To Have This Season

It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting their winter wardrobe together again and it’s my absolute favourite season ever, nothing better than dark nights & warm drinks in bed. Alongside all the wonderful things winter comes with, a massive part of winter is finding your winter style.

Coats, coats, coats is all that everyone is talking about right now. I love looking for new coats and finding out what’s back in season from the previous winter.

From last winter I brought two winter coats so late that they are still in season again this year, which means I don’t need to rush to get a new coat – which I did anyway.

Suede Black Aviator Coat – Pretty Little Thing 

The first coat is definitely my favourite out of the two from last winter season, I see this styled jacket everywhere and in loads of different colours, it’s super on trend and literally goes with everything.

The coat is really warm, and the nude wool inside is so soft and such a cute playful coat to wear through this winter weather and awful storms we’ve been having.

I have styled this coat with popper styled culottes in a nude colour, with a mesh tied top and cute small boots. Normally I style this coat with a cute leather skirt and plain tee or even jeans, must be skinny jeans – I’m a Joni lover, girls you know what I mean..!

Red Quilted Puffer Jacket – New Look

Puffer Jackets are so in trend right now, honestly have you seen Miss Selfridges Collection?! All them colours are just amazing!
My puffer jacket is infact from New Look, it’s bright red with a layer of black fur around the neckline… perfect to style with an all red outift.

I decided to purchase this coat in red, purely on the fact red is so hot on trend right now, every shop I go in red is always highlighted. For this particular shoot I styled this jacket, with Red Popper trousers from Missguided and a plain white ‘brooklyn’ tee from new Look and of course adding my adidas superstars.

I’m obsessed with this outfit right now and I’ve had so many compliments about it, I feel so sassy and comfy whenever I wear it, it’s definitely one of those outfits which can be worn casual and dressy. A blog post going up all about how To Style popper trousers very soon!

Teddy Coat – Primark 

Last but definitely not least… my new absolute favourite winter coat. I BROUGHT A TEDDY COAT and IM IN LOVE… Teddy coats are my new obsession, again these come in so many different styles and colours.

I was even more obsessed with mine because it was only £15…! £15 for a coat? Yes… Primark are killing it right now. This coat is so warm and finishes off the perfect outfit for bonfire night and snowy nights (I hope.)

I styled this coat with a plain white tee and mom jeans with fishnet tights. However, normally I’d Style this with a cute winter skirt or winter dress and boots.

So what are you waiting for?! It’s payday weekend so happy shopping! I will leave all links below and all current discounts to get your coat at the best price.

Black Faux Suede Aviator Jacket – (not my coat, but one similar) £55 use code STEAL30 for 30% off.

Red Quilted Puffer Jacket – (available only in mustard – all sold out) – Only £18!!

Teddy Coat – not available online, but only £15.00 in store.

Missguided – 30% off everything… use code HEYBABE30

Pretty little thing – 20% off everything… STEAL20

Miss Selfridge – 30% off all coats, (in store and online)

Massive Summer Shoe Haul

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. So recently I have been purchasing loads of different shoes, so I thought what better way to blog a massive shoe haul. All the shoes have been purchased recently and are on holiday with me right now.

I am crazy when it comes to shoes, I’m going on holiday for a week and I’m taking 11 pairs of shoes. Couldn’t resist Primark selling shoes from £1.00!! All the shoes tagged below are so affordable and some are right bargains!

Missguided – Black Rounded Three Strap Heels

As I’m starting to collect shoes and clothes for university I thought these would be perfect for nights out and for holiday. They were also only £9 in the sale – so most definitely worth it.

I’ve just checked and they still £9 in the sale – I got them in a size 6 and they fit perfectly.

You can purchase your own by clicking here.

Boohoo – Nina White Fit Knot From Sandal 

You can clearly tell these shoes have been worn a lot, but I couldn’t help myself as I was in love the minute I got them. They are fabric sliders with a very small heel, so they are ridiculously comfy. They look so cute with a summery skirt or dress.

I got these again in size 6 and they were £15.00! So affordable!

You can purchase these by clicking here.

Topshop – Hoopla Knot Slider Shoes

By far these sliders are my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE summer purchase. I brought them mainly to wear around the pool or at the beach. I’m obsessed with the colour as they look great with a tan and they are so comfy too.

They were £10 in the sale which is amazing!

You can purchase these by clicking here.

Primark – Black Slider

As primark don’t stock hardly anything online, I can’t link any primark shoes. However make sure you visit your local primark to get the best bargain shoes ever!

These black sliders are so simple and cute, they look so great with anything and are dead comfy.

I got them again, in a size 6. For only £2.00!!!! They are available in navy blue and silver too.

Primark Colourful Embroidered Sliders

Again, I won’t be able to link these shoes but they are so beautiful and worth visiting a primark for. Plus aren’t they the most beautiful Gucci dupes?! I N L O V E.

Obviously the only downside is because of how colourful they are it’s hard to match them with an outift. However, I definitely need some colour in my life.

These shoes were £3.00, in a size 6.

Primark Fur Sliders

Okay, these are definitely very popular. I’ve seen a lot of people wear these from primark – so I needed to buy them for myself. I tend to wear them on my lazy days or traveling. I wore these to the airport as they are so comfy and compliments any outfit.

They are £6.00 – definitely recommend getting some for yourself!


River Island – Black Lepoard Print Open Toe Sandals

These shoes were an absolute dream. I wanted to get some sandals for holiday which weren’t sliders. When I spotted these in River Island I was in love! They are perfect for holiday and very comfy too!

I got them for £25.00, but I’ve just looked and they have now gone down to £15.00!! The price is just incredible for these gorgeous sandals.

You can purchase these shoes by clicking here.

Primark Gucci Dupes

These are the last of my recent purchases. They are so exact to Gucci shoes, the most perfect gucci dupes. They are shining silver and very comfy too. I would recommend buying these shoes in a size slightly bigger as they can come up quite small.

The price of these shoes is actually incredible… THEY ARE £1.00!!!! Instead of paying the £300.00 for Gucci shoes, you can pay £1.00 for ones which pretty much look identical! You can purchase these in pink too!!

I will be posting all these shoes and styling them with outfits on my instagram feed so make sure you keep an eye out.

What are your favourite summer shoes?! Do you recommend any bargain shoes?! Id love to know!


New Look Filling Me With Summer Vibes

I buy a lot of my clothes from New Look, it’s probably one of my most trusted fashion brands, I can always rely on New Look to fill my wardrobe with the latest trends. Now we are half way through summer I’ve had to fill my winter wardrobe upside down, replacing my winter knits to summer sleeves.

I’ve recently brought a new pair of dark blue ripped jeans with a flowery tie kimono. I am so obsessed with my kimono, during my photoshoot I couldn’t stop dancing around in it, the sleeves are super extra and I’m so in love.

I’ve put together a small lookbook of the whole outift. 

Full Outfit Details

New Look — Black Floral Print Tie Waist Kimono 

New Look — Blue Ripped Skinny Hallie Jeans 

How To Style Your Everyday Watch with Time Chain 

Watches, watches and more watches are currently my favourite accessory. I have never worn a watch so much until I’ve received these beautiful watches.

I came into collaboration with a brand called Time Chain, who are a watch brand. After going through all their watches I was so amazed and and excited to receive my own little watch. The watch I chose was the one with the gold mesh strap.

As soon as it arrived in the post I was so excited to open it, it came in the cutest little grey box.

I have to admit this watch is literally the most gorgeous watch I’ve ever seen. It’s so dainty and so comfortable to wear.

I’m so glad I chose the gold watch, purely because as it’s summer now Gold is my favourite summer colour and with a tan the watch looks incredible. The colour makes it so incredibly easy to style with outfits, the simple monochrome statement outfit with this watch looks so good!
The watch itself is easily adjustable to fit the size of your wrist. It’s literally a little clip you can move up and down. One of my favourite things about this watch is that you can clip the watch strap on and off. So Time Chain actually sent me another strap to go with the watch, which is AMAZING – I was so grateful!
The strap I was sent was a Pink Leather Strap which I loved even more. It’s such a summer colour and so easy to style with the floral and bright coloured trends this summer.

I have been styling each style watch with my own daily outfits, which I’ve included below.

Mesh Gold Watch

Like I said before, how amazing does the gold mesh look with a tan?! The sun makes the gold stand out so much and I love it! I tend to style this watch a black and white outfit, but to be honest I don’t struggle styling the watch as it’s pretty much goes with EVERYTHING!!


Pink Leather Strap 

This pink strap literally screams summer, obsessed with the summer feeling I have when wearing it. I have styled this watch with my new Miss Selfridge Frill Skirt and an off the shoulder top from New Look. My shoes are from Boohoo too!





Check their whole watch collection here.

Summer Ready With Ideal Of Sweden 

Phone cases in my opinion are one of the most important type of accessorising, I am a huge fan of styling an outfit with a phone case of course. Ideal of Sweden phone cases are most definitely the best phone cases to style with your outfits.
As we are now in summer it’s all about the bright patterned cases the ones you can match with your summer floral’s or your gold statement piece. My favourite everyday phone cases is a colored marble case – in my opinion marble can be matched to any outfit and fits all seasons too.

Use ‘summermadness‘ at checkout for 30% off!!

Ideal Of Sweden is now officially my favourite place to buy phone cases, they literally have phone cases for every outfit, every occasion and even EVERY season! They get delivered in their own very cute plastic box too – the best package wrapped I’ve ever seen phone cases in. I own four Ideal Of Sweden phone cases which are all so different, I’m going to show how I style each one to my own outfits.

Matte Black


This case was one of the very first cases I received, having a Matte Black is so good to wear through the colder seasons. Also, for me it’s perfect as I wear black clothing all the time and Black and Gold is my favourite summer combination right now. Nevertheless, this case is perfect to style with any outfit as it’s plain black.


Carrara Gold


This phone case is part of Ideal Of Sweden’s Fashion Collection A/W 16 – 17. The minute I saw this case I was in LOVE! I have always loved anything marble, but white & gold marble?! It Couldn’t get any better!! I can style this with all my white outfits and gold accessories. I use this case the most as it’s so beautiful.


Ideal Of Sweden have recently completely upped their game with their brands new summer collection. I must say they have smashed it once again…yay! The phone cases I chose from the summer collection is Island Paradise Marble and Monstera Jungle.

Island Paradise Marble

Well what can I say it’s marble and turquoise, the perfect combination! This phone case is literally the perfect summer phone case to go with all the bright coloured trends this year. The case just reminds me of the summer blue sea in the shining sun. It’s perfect for your summer beach outfit.


Monstera Jungle


Ok, this phone case just shouts SUMMER. I am so obsessed with this phone case, I literally can’t take it off. This phone case is all about the tropical floral’s you’ll be wearing this summer season. Flaunt them bright colours with your deep tan. I have the perfect statement skirt full of summer tropical palm leaves to go with this case.


Now I have my Ideal Of Sweden phone cases, I am officially summer ready. Definitely expect to see more ways I style my favourite Ideal Of Sweden Phone Cases over the summer on my Instagram.
The other phone cases part of their summer collection are; Banana Coconut & Floral Romance.

Are you summer ready yet? Have you got your Ideal Of Sweden phones cases at the ready? Let me know, I would love to know which ones you have.

If not, don’t forget you can use the code ‘summermadness‘ for 30% off!!

***This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own****


Seek My Season Style Guide With JORD Watches

A few days ago we finally reached the official start of summer, which means its finally time to start getting your summer style together. Accessorizing for the summer is my favourite especially with all things gold. Now, I have my new favourite accessories for the summer which is my new JORD watch in the style Frankie series Ebony and Gold.

Packaging Done Right!

Okay, I am literally obsessed when it comes to good packaging to the point where I literally want to keep it wrapped up forever. When I opened the box it came in I was so impressed, I couldn’t take my eyes off it and i hadn’t even seen the watch yet!


The watch came in a wooden box which had two different compartments with the watch on top and in the pull out draw there is a sachet with a month of humidity control, amazing right?!

As well as the watch you will also receive; a cushion to protect your watch, a cleaning cloth, a cotton cloth, a booklet all about your series watch and a finishing oil brush.


What makes JORD watches so incredible?

JORD watches are so unique with their beautiful wooden timepieces. The watches are all made of wood which is why they are so authentic and natural.
I was so impressed with the watch when it arrived, as its made of delicate Wood and the colour I choose is quite dark, it’s perfect for all seasons. This definitely is the perfect finishing touches to any outfit. It’s perfect for the summer as it’s look so natural and smart being made from wood and it’s most definitely perfect in the colder seasons with your best knitwear piece.


I choose the combination of Ebony and Gold purely because personally I find it so much easier to style with any outfit. Plus gold is my favourite colour around summer time as it glows so much on a tan. The ebony colour is so close to black so as i tend to wear black a lot it fits perfectly with my own style.

Click here to view my watch – Frankie Series Ebony and Gold

How To Style Your JORD Watch?

If you follow me on social media you will know I tend to wear white and black through every season, even the summer!  In my advantage it means its perfect when coming to accessorise my own JORD watch with my daily outfit. Here are my top ways to style my own JORD Watch.

Winter, Autumn? NO PROBLEM.

Throughout the colder seasons you will never not see me in knit wear, its just too comfy and warm. I do like to match my knitwear with some comfy stylish tracksuit bottoms, which actually thinking about it, my winter colour theme actually matches my JORD watch, convenient right?! Check my winter JORD style below. 




SUMMER, SPRING, even more exciting!

I find it so much easier to style outfit in the summer, as you can literally wear anything. I occasionally wear a little cool slip dress with denim jacket. This is the main key point about my JORD watch, the colour of watch means it will literally go with anything, any colour. I bet it would even look incredible with the yellow trend that is in right now, right?! My summer style is below.




Fancy having the chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site? simply fill out your name and email in the form by clicking on the link below!

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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Summer with Versace


Whilst scrolling through twitter, which i do daily – i noticed a brand called were looking for bloggers to review some of their products. When I see an opportunity like this on social media, I am always eager to find out more – so i emailed for more information. were very keen to collaborate with me, after looking through their website, I was SO excited to collaborate with them too. is a very popular watch and jewelry retailer, sunglasses have only just been added to their collection. They sell sunglasses from 9 different brands with over 390 different styles. The styles they have include; Aviator, Wayfarer, Cat-eye, Butterfly, Round, Oval, Rectangle and Square. Trust me, I spent hours picking my favorites ones, as they are all so beautiful! have such a brilliant shopping experience, you can choose your own brand, budget and shape. They were all so lovely to communicate with and the delivery was super fast!






They sent me the most stunning pair of Versace sunglasses – I was so in love. These sunglasses are black and gold circular shaped. Around the bottom there is no rim which I love – this makes them so comfortable to wear as well. They fit perfectly and don’t slide which I find some sunglasses tend too.

As summer is approaching I am constantly buying summer clothing and accessories. Sunglasses are a huge part of a sunny day, of course. I often struggle finding sunglasses that fit my face shape. Circular sunglasses are my favorite, as I now have 3 different pairs. I had no problem with these trying to fit my face shape, they look & fit perfectly around my head.

When I received them they were only £180.00, even better now they are only £162.00!!

This weekend you can save 5% off everything using code — MBH5

The sunglasses above you can get by clicking here!!

Don’t forget to check out all their products at the website —


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KoKo Couture Crushin’

KOKO Couture recently sent me some goodies to try, i’ve never been someone that wears hair extensions regularly as lucky enough I can easily grow my hair to quite a thick and healthy state quickly. So I was quite intrigued receiving my hair extensions.

When going about choosing my hair extension style it was so hard to pick as they literally have so many different styles and lengths, I mean you can easily cut them to the right length but choosing the style was very tricky.

In terms of styled extensions, you can pick from;

Candice Weft Loose Curl Hair Extensions

Chiara Weft Straight Hair Extensions

Dolce Straight Hair Extensions

Envy Weft Hair Extensions

Kylie Weft Beach Wave Hair Extensions

 Lena Weft Curly Hair Extensions

Lorna Straight Hair Extensions

Rosie Curly Hair Extensions

Selena Curly Hair Extensions 

In the end I actually choose to use the Candice Weft Loose Curl Hair, purely because i straighten my hair ALL the time so i thought adding some loose curls would look really good (which it did.) The hair extensions I had were in fact synthetic fibre hair but to be honest personally when I wear them you cant see the difference between my hair and the extensions. However, if you did want real hair they do sell this too! Click here to view the real hair, hair extensions!

They matched up the colour so well, I was actually shocked the fact it was identical to my colour. All I had to do was send them two pictures of my hair in natural lighting – it matches as Raven! The hair extensions are so lightweight but looks so thick and healthy at the same time in was so in love!

I’ve had my hair cut really short recently so I have now cut my extensions so they look more realistic on my straight hair!

I have been been straightening and curling them myself too – which is amazing! You can use heat products on them to a maximum of 180 Celsius otherwise you could damage them!

Alongside, my gorgeous hair extensions I got sent the most incredible clutch bag which I am using pretty much everyday at the moment! The bag I received was Lottie Soft Faux Leather Grey Clutch Bag which comes with a gold metal strap – this is perfect for me on a night out!! The clutch bag is very lightweight and I can style it with any outfit, which is such a bonus right?!

Click here to view my Lottie Soft Faux Leather Grey Clutch!

Click here to view KOKO Coutre full clutch bag range!

Anyone looking hair extensions real or synthetic I honestly recommended koko couture – they just look so natural even the ones that are synthetic!! Have you ever tried KOKO couture products? I would love to hear about what you think?!


Instagram – @kokocoutureuk

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Outfit Planning

20170215_194238One of my favourite things to do is to outfit plan. Planning outfits is essential to be able to get ready quickly the next morning. I always plan my outfits on my manikin as I find it easier to mix and match different outfits to see what it looks like on. I styled this outfit last night. Everything in the picture of my outfit planning are all pretty much new buys which I love. The jacket is from Missguided. I brought this jacket a few months ago but since I have got it I can’t stop wearing it. It is the perfect length and perfect colour – it pretty much goes with anything. You can buy this biker jacket in different colours which I am going to purchase soon. The jacket is £40 but well worth the money.

Faux Suede Biker Jacket Burgundy.
Colours you can purchase the jacket in;
– Mustard Yellow
– Cobalt Blue
– Tan
– Grey
– Black
– & more.
Click here to purchase this Suede Biker Jacket.

The top is from New Look. I brought this top two weeks ago. As frill trims / frill necklines / frill sleeves are very in at the moment – you can always find something on the lines of this in any retailing store. I brought this top in mind that it would be slightly different to what I normally wear but its a great fit and looks nice on. The sleeves are 3/4 length and its in the colour dark grey. You can purchase this top in Red as well. I brought this top for £12.99 but now its in the sale for £5.00!!
Click here to purchase this Petite Dark Grey Diagonal Frill Trim 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt.

These jeans are from New Look too. I purchased this on the same day as the top as it created a nice outfit. I never normally buy any jeans from New Look – I always get jeans from Topshop. So to save some money I thought about trying some new look jeans on to see the comparison. These jeans are such a nice shade and the rips in the jeans are little but effective. They fit perfectly, however because of the style I have to accessorize these with a belt. I purchased these for £27.99.
Click here to purchase these Tall Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans.


I have accessorized this outfit with a River Island bag and choker with some pearlised Reebok trainers to finish.

This bag was purchased from River Island.
My favourite part of this bag is all the different textures and fabrics to it – its contain fur, leather and suede all in one. The bags come with two different straps which allows me to wear it in different styles; either as a classical handbag or hanging it over one shoulder. I tend to mix and match it and wear it differently to a way that suits my outfit of the day. The inside of the bag is a good size, I can easily fit all my college books and folders in. The fact it is black is very pleasing, as black pretty much goes with anything so I don’t need to worry about what to wear with it.

The choker I have styled with this outfit I purchased from River Island as well. I brought this choker a few weeks ago it is a tied double choker. It comes with a gold beaded choker which sits with the tied choker. However I tend to where them separately as they look just as good on their own. This choker is £10.00 and goes with pretty much any outfit. You can wear it in some many different styles.

Click here to purchase this River Island Black Tied Spike Layered Choker Bolo Necklace. The trainers I have styled with this outfit are my Classic Pearlised Trainers in the colour Champagne / White which I have purchased from Reebok. I love these trainers and the colour I am obsessed with. They are very comfy and a really good fit. These were £64.95 and were brought through the Reebok website. These trainers come in various different colours as well, including;
– White
– Rose Gold / White
– Black / White
– English Emerald / White

Click here to purchase these Classical Pearlised Trainers in Champagne / White.

I will have some more outfit planning blogs coming soon – keep tuned.

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River Island Sales’

Starting 2017 I have a really positive energy and feeling about this new year – so many events to look forward to this year and so many exciting posts to come.

I have brought loads of new items over the Christmas break which I will blog about shortly – but to kick this new year off I have purchased a few items from River Island sale. This year their sale seems to be amazing and I have found some great buys.

My first purchase I brought just after Christmas as I needed some heels I could wear out and actually last in them. I always find it very difficult to wear quite high heels out as they kill at the end and as I’m quite short I love wearing really high heels. I tried looking through loads of different website for some shoes which were nice and the correct length. I came across these Dark Green Rocker Stud Block Heel Sandals which I am in love with & they were in the sale for only £20.00 which is even better!!

I wore these out the other night and they are ridiculously comfy. I even wore these to work as they are a balance of dressy and casual.
They do these shoes in a mustard colour as well which are divine; however at the moment both colours have completely sold out online.

Click here to view River Island online sale.
My next purchase I brought was a bag from River Island. I really needed a new bag which I can take everywhere with me as my old Topshop bag was so worn out. This bag was the last one in Stafford River Island store when I got it, I had to get it as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It goes with my winter coat as well which is a bonus.20170215_194421
My favourite part of this bag is all the different textures and fabrics to it – its contain fur, leather and suede all in one. The bags come with two different straps which allows me to wear it in different styles; either as a classical handbag or hanging it over one shoulder. I tend to mix and match it and wear it differently to a way that suits my outfit of the day. The inside of the bag is a good size, I can easily fit all my college books and folders in. The fact it is black is very pleasing, as black pretty much goes with anything so I don’t need to worry about what to wear with it.

This bag was in the sale when I brought it, I can’t remember how much it exactly was. River Island do an amazing selection of bags in all different colours and fabric. I would recommend buying bags and purses from River Island or Topshop.
Click here to view River Island Bags and Purses
Click here to view Topshop Bags and Purses
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Winter Coats

Every year around this time everyone is looking for a new winter coat, as its now getting cold outside and its running up to Christmas – this is the perfect time to splash the cash on a new coat. This is defiantly by favourite time of the year, I love wearing layers on layers and baggy clothing. The past few years so many coats have been repeating themselves, I always tend to try by a brand new style of coat each year. Bomber jackets have been very popular in recent years. Majority of the coats that are worn contain fur collars or rimmed hoods; this is great to stay warm and these are trending right now, everyone is in them. Also you have the fashionable smart coats, which in my opinion doesn’t always look very warm, they are purely for fashion and an outfit accessory to style up your day-to-day outfit. These tend to be coats like waterfall / duster coats.

This year almost everyday I see many people wearing padded jackets which tend to be in the colour range of; Black, Navy Blue, Khaki Green and Mustard Yellows – these are very popular colours this season.
A lot of coats worn tend to be coats which have different materials on the inside and on the outside of the coat – for example my coat I am wearing this season is black suede on the outside of the coat but inside is brown woollen fabric. Buckles tend to be very popular this year which coats, which I absolutely love.

I purchased this coat from Pretty Little Thing which I got for £60 – which I think this was a good price especially for a coat. At the moment there is a warning on the website that there are only a few remaining, so if you want a Bonded Aviator Jacket you better order it quickly.
It is so warm and comfortable and literally goes with any outfit.

Click here to purchase this Eloise Black Faux Suede Bonded Aviator Jacket.

For this photo I used one of my friends to model my coat for me; click here to check out her blog.

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