Reminiscing Dublin

Whilst being locked down, I have started thinking about my past trips and trips I want to go on when this is all over. I’m not sure if its making me feel worse or better, remembering my trips but its getting me excited!

Dublin has always been a place I’ve longed to visit, its my type of a perfect city break homely pubs, happy atmosphere and a helllll of a lot of drinking. Not going to lie, this Dublin trip was very much a drinking weekend, it was for my best mates 21st birthday present from me so i visited with another girl and 6 lads which was an experience within itself. However, I also did a bit of sightseeing and some fun activities around Dublin which i would 100% recommend.

I visited Dublin on 16th – 18th November 2019, it doesn’t sound very long but we had a very early flight into Dublin and a late flight home – so really it was almost 3 full days. We stayed in Jacobs inn Hostel, I arranged this trip myself so I decided on booking this accommodation and honestly I wasn’t expecting the hostel to be as good as it was. To be honest I have never stayed in a hostel before so my expectations were pretty low anyway – when i hear the word hostel I just think of somewhere that is quite dirty and unsafe – but Jacobs Inn Hostel was completely different. It was one of the most quirkiest and clean places I have stayed in, even compared to some hotels I have been in. Luckily for us, there was 8 of us – so we stayed in an 8 Mixed Pod Dormitory meaning we didn’t need to share with anyone else. The room was quite small, which wasn’t a problem as we didn’t spend much time in the room anyway. There was one shower, one toilet and two sinks which was easily shareable, sharing it with 6 lads is another story! 8 small pods, which were 4 across and two up, there were little wooden ladders leading up to each pod. The beds were very comfortable, in each pod you have your own shelf and plug sockets. In the room, there was multiple lockers which were locked by your own code. The only downside which I remember was not allowing food or drinks in the room, which is understandable especially if you are sharing with other strangers. However it was just a bit inconvenient that we couldn’t take food or drinks in, with Dublin being quite expensive. We found away around this in the end anyway.


I hadn’t really researched Dublin, or made any sort of plan on what to do or what to see. I had a few things booked which I will share later. I actually did enjoy going without a plan, we took everyday as it came and just had fun! We arrived to our hostel at around 11am, considering we were up at 3am, we were all knackered! We walked around the River Liffey and into the city centre of Dublin. After some walking, some lunch and some drinking. We visited the Temple bar in the centre, one of Dublin’s most famous pubs to visit. And now officially one of my favourite pubs, the pub was rammed full of happy drunk people, the atmosphere and music was amazing. These types of pubs are my favourite type! If you are visiting Dublin, or plan to visit going to the Temple Bar is a must.

The Guinness Storehouse Experience

There was no way I wasn’t going to Dublin, without experiencing the Guinness Factory / Tour. From the Dublin centre to the Guinness Storehouse it is around a 22 minute walk. We paid for our tickets online beforehand, they are slightly cheaper buying them before compared to on the door. Before this point I had never actually tried Guinness before, so what better time to try it?! I actually really enjoyed the Guinness Experience, its definitely something to try. I won’t indulge on too many details as it’s good to experience it and have your own opinions on it. It was definitely better and more educational than I was expecting, you do actually learn a lot about the beer and history around it. My favourite part was the top roof view bar where you all got to try your own Guinness pint whilst looking at a sky view of Dublin. Of course, it was rammed when we visited but the experience was still great! Oh and by the way, after actually trying it I don’t like the taste of Guinness, I’m a beer drinker I love having a pint, but Guinness is way too heavy for me.

Dublin nightlife is a very good night out, depending on what you like of course. There are bars that are rammed and open till early morning, clubs open till very late. Drinks and a bit of dancing are the best way to finish a day of sightseeing in Dublin.


Luckily for us the weather was lovely the whole time we were there, it was cold being November but it didn’t rain once. We started the second day with being a group of mainstream British people and having a classic weather-spoons breakfast with a beer. I was very excited for day two, as part of my mates birthday we’d booked a surprise ‘beer bike’ throughout the centre of Dublin. I wasn’t sure what to quite expect with this, I just knew it would be a right laugh. Most people book these for occasions like hen dos, stag dos and big birthdays etc. The bike had ten peddles; so with there being 8 of us; we spilt 4 each side. We each had our own peddle, which was the only source of energy the bike had to start moving, we had an instructor guy that did the controls and steering who sat in the middle. To be honest it was very helpful him being there when the chains kept coming off. We were able to plug our phone in an aux cable and play whatever music we wanted at any volume right through the city centre, which was very fun!

Not going to lie, the biking was quite hard especially when most the time I was trying to keep up with 6 lads, it wasn’t easy but I suppose that made it even more fun. Every 10 – 20 minutes, we stopped at a pub and had 15 minutes to down a pint and have some shots, we did this repeatably at 6 or so pubs. Actually really enjoyed going to several pubs, most were pubs you wouldn’t necessarily visit if it wasn’t for the pub crawl, for example one of the last bars we visited was a cool two floored sports bar this was definitely my favourite bar, we even went back in the night to spend some time there. The sports bar was called Buskers on the ball, definitely recommend going!

If you are going to Dublin to celebrate a big birthday, an occasions or even just visiting with a big group, you have to try and experience the beer bike. It is very affordable too!

After a lot of drinking, laughing and sightseeing. Our trip came to an end! It was a brilliant trip, an experience ill never forget. Without a doubt I will 100% go back to Dublin for a longer weekend. Its a beautiful City and so much to do, by the way the shops and shopping centres are great!

Just to add one of the biggest downsides to Dublin is how expensive it is. Before I visited i asked around to people who i knew had already been, about how much money I should take, honestly I was shocked how expensive it was. Especially with drinking and eating, each meal was around €15 a head minimum, depending on what you ordered. The drinks were expensive I mostly stayed drinking beer a lot, which was around €8 a pint. During one of the nights I ordered a double vodka and lemonade which cost me €18.50 in the Temple bar. I almost had a heart attack when they told me the price, this was the first night as well. Originally I took around €200, realistically I probably should of took around €300-€350 to avoid being there without stressing about money.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, or helps you work out what to do when you visit. Have you ever visited Dublin? whats your thoughts on it?



The end of college is approaching and we are ending with our exhibition and fashion show displaying all our work made over the past few years.
This blog post is an open invitation to anyone. We would like to invite you all to our exhibition and fashion show. how exciting!


Information you need to know, if you’d like to attend – 

For both the fashion show and exhibition you can just come see it, it’s open to anyone and everyone.

The Arts Exhibition

The exhibition is going to be held tomorrow on the 16th June between the times of 5pm – 8pm. So feel free to pop in!
It will be located in the library of Stafford College, don’t worry students or signs will be situated around the college to help direct you to the exhibition.

The Fashion Show. 

This is the big event, which will be on Saturday 17th June. We have two showing times incase you can’t make one.
First show is at – 10.30 am

Second show is at – 11.30 am.

Both shows will last approximately 30-40 mins.

The fashion show will be showing in the Theatre of Stafford College. Again, there will be students greeting you and helping to you get to the show.

Just bring yourself & as many people as you like. The show free to attend too.

Hope to see you all there!!
Any further details just pop me a message.

Q & A with Chelsey Ocean

Hey guys,

As part of an Easter special on my blog I decided to let you all know some very good facts and secrets about me… The best part is all the questions you asked were on my Instagram, I have had such a fabulous mix of questions and I hope you all enjoy reading this blog post!


Questions… ALL ABOUT ME

  1. What are you doing for Easter? Asked by @supjulia

I am going away to visit family down in Norfolk!

  1. How old are you? Asked by @kathryn_frances_mua

I am 18 years old!

  1. Are you in school for fashion? What’s your ultimate job when you finish? Asked by @thatswhatsupblogger

No, I am not in a school for fashion. I am currently at college studying fashion & I will be going to University in September studying Fashion Marketing & Branding! When I finish University, I would hope I can use my blog as well as my degree to get myself a well-earned job in the fashion industry. Possibly being a PR and Journalism for different fashion shows across the world.

  1. What does your dream look like? Asked by @francescaaanels & @millennialstory

Being able to travel the world whilst being a blogger who people can relate to and be inspired by. I would like a job that consists of attending a variety of different fashion shows and fashion events all around the world and having a job where I can write about the fashion shows as being a journalism. On the other hand, I would love to be able to blog full time, and being a blogger as a job.

  1. Biggest Inspiration? Asked by @beautybymissl & @_ontherox

So many people inspire me, famous and not. Relating to famous figures I’d say a huge inspiration for me is most probably Beyoncé as I’m a big believer in being a powerful figure which people can look up to. Within fashion, my favourite fashion stylist Jason Rembert who I’m always finding inspiration from!

  1. Where do I want to be in the Future? Asked by @_eleanor.grace

I want to be travelling around the world whilst being a full-time blogger & knowing some more blogger friends as they are the nicest people!

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Asked by @rhaea_& @chantelouisee

In 5 years’ time, I will have just finished my fashion marketing degree and I will be looking for a full time job and I hope my blog will become a big part of my future, as its definately something I enjoy and thrive for!

  1. Whats 3 things you cant live without – beside makeup, iPhone and camera? Asked by @canadafashionista

Ooo gosh, this is a very hard one! Good question though, most probably would be; my bed… is my favourite place ever, notepads!! I am obsessed with fancy notepads and stationary & shoes, oh god I am obsessed with shoes!




  1. What would you choose to wear if you had to wear that outfit for the rest of the year? Asked by @laynamo

100% it would be my favourite off the shoulder top from Topshop with my favourite New Look jeans! Alongside my Topshop summer slides.

Off The Shoulder Top from Topshop — I’ve had this top since last summer so it’s not the website anymore. Cick Here for tips similar.

Skinny Jeans from New Look — Click Here.

Summer Slides from Topshop — (same goes with the shoes – out of stock!) Click Here.


  1. What’s your go to outfit? Asked by

Jeans and Off The Shoulder Top is my favourite go to outfit – when I can’t find anything else to wear I always result in this!

  1. Whats your biggest fashion mistake? Asked by @kiki_x_tank

I can’t think of anything but I once brought a jumper from Topshop accidently 5 sizes bigger than my size because it was put on the wrong hanger. The day I wore it, I didn’t have time to even look in the mirror as I was in a rush and didn’t realise what it looked like on me until after my shift at work. Even worse I was going out for a meal and going to a cocktail bar after work, so I had to go buy a top from Tesco which looked even worse!! What a stressful day that was!

  1. How long do you do your makeup for? Asked by @michellemorales

This is quite a tricky question as it depends what I am doing my makeup for, if its casual everyday makeup I’d say around 45mins to an hour. However, if I am doing my makeup for a night out or day event possibly between 2 hours – 3 hours.

  1. What is the red lipstick you are wearing in your latest Instagram photo? Asked By @beautyswot

The red lipstick is a lip liner which I’ve used for full coverage on my lips. For some reason lip liners stay on so much longer than actual lipstick. It’s a lip liner from MUA which I purchased from Superdrug and it’s so cheap – £1.00!!

Click here to view this MUA Lip Liner I am wearing in one of my latest Instagram posts!

Click here to view the Instagram post.



  1. Is that your natural hair? Asked by @abbiedajoux

No, it’s not, my natural hair is a very light brown however I do dye it black all the time as I suit dark hair so much better! In the picture shown is my hair dye pretty much faded out, so it does contain dark brown undertones now!

Click here to view the Instagram post.


  1. One item you can’t live without? Asked by @kellyarresrist

I’d have to say I can’t live without at least one pair of jeans, they are literally my saviour!!

  1. What’s your favourite form of entertainment? Asked by @christyclassyfied

Music! Even though I watch Netflix all the time – music is my favourite type of entertainment as it makes me feel so chilled!!



  1. Can you mention some of your Favourite Brands? Asked by @priscillathecreator

Favourite Hair Brand – Lee Stafford is definately my favourite!

Favourite Skin Care Brand – I am addicted to No7 Skin Care

Favourite Makeup Brand – L’Oréal

Favourite Tanning Brand – Bondi Sands & Ferne Beauty are my favourites, I can’t pick one!!


  1. Favourite Fashion Brand? Asked by @elizabethallcock &  @thatgirlfrommuscat

Oh my gosh! This is very hard to choose but I pretty much order everything from either Missguided or Topshop! Too many fashion brands to choose one.

  1. Casual Wardrobe? Asked by @junebeebaby

Yes, of course I have a casual wardrobe! I live in casual clothes especially at home, but I tend to dress up when I leave to house! My casual look is always jeans and knitwear… it’s so comfortable and I never get cold!

Missguided Knit Jumper — Click Here.

New Look Jeans — Click Here.


  1. What is my style staple? Asked by @ryliewatson

My style staple must be a pair of classic trainers either my puma or reebok trainers!


  1. Favourite Summer Outfit? Asked by @lovebirdbylsdesigns

Black Ripped Denim Shorts with off the shoulder crop top & slides and shades!!

  1. What are my festive staple styles? Asked by @the.thritychicgirl

Glitter – anything with glitter is my way to go!

  1. Favourite Drugstore makeup brands? Asked by @currentlylately

Wow, there is so many I have tried! But, I am completely obsessed with L’Oréal now. I have their 24hr Matte foundation in different shades, primer, fixing spray. I have recently brought a concealer and mascara which I am obsessed with!! I do buy their face masks regularly too! I recommend L’Oréal to everyone!


Click here to visit L’oreal website.

  1. Favourite High End Drug Store? Asked by @morganneibar

I would have to say Body Shop as a high end, but Boots is pretty much where I buy all my essentials!

  1. Favourite Makeup Brands? Asked By @elenaobiedo

L’Oréal is my favourite at the moment.

  1. Favourite hair products? Asked by @bethkite @lauras_space &  @lifedarling


Click here to view Lee Stafford website.


  1. What makeup can you not live without? Asked by @elljt

Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow



  1. How long have you been blogging? Asked by @shamikapandit

I have been blogging for about a year and a half now!

  1. How much time a week do you spend blogging? @alisonb.illustration

Oh god, I pretty much blog all the time. At least one hour a day – most days more than an hour!

  1. What inspired you to create this blog? Asked by @3mi1y_ & @ladylawstudent & @vigor.and.vouge

I have always wanted to start up my own blog as I have read other peoples and that really inspired me. As I have always had a strong loving for the fashion world and community. I wanted to use my fashion knowledge and admiration into creating my own little blog!

  1. Why did I start blogging? Asked by @makeupandmummydaysblog & @rubenverrecoff & @socialytecaptial

I started blogging purely for fun! I wanted to express my love for fashion in many ways, discussing different trends, allowing you guys as my audience to see my style of fashion and lifestyle. Blogging for fun, has now turned into blogging part time religiously every day. Now I have created this blog and been able to find other bloggers who I can relate to, I don’t think I could ever stop blogging!

  1. How did you start getting into blogging? Asked by @romaradz & @kylieshaynego @kylieshaynego & @lovefashionmakeupblog & @luloswimwear & @purpleink_boutique

First, I began blogging last year on the blogging format BlogSpot. I was going to New York last March, so I wanted to get my blog set up ready for me to blog about my trip to New York! After this, I carried on developing my blog using WordPress and haven’t stopped since!

  1. Top Tips for starting a blog / advice for new bloggers? Asked by @cherriesbeauty & @pr1ncesskayleigh & @nomandicaramis

The biggest thing I learnt as a new blogger is when picking a name for your blog, make sure you are happy with it. This is something I didn’t do at the start, when you change your name it can confuse people, as regular followers may think your blog has been deleted! I chose my blog to be named ‘ChelseyOcean’ which is my name & middle name so I know I won’t need to change it. For me a HUGE element to my blog is my social media, as I always use this to promote my blog being Twitter and Instagram – I recommend anyone starting a blog to have a social media account to fall back on and promote your blog on.


  1. Whats your biggest blogging challenge has been? Asked by @settoglow

Most probably, starting as a new blogger and being able to create an audience is probably quite tricky. I do blog for fun quite a lot, but it does make me very happy seeing people reading my blog and getting feedback through social media. I do struggle sometimes to come up with new topics to discuss on my blog.

  1. Whats your favourite thing about blogging? Asked by @finefeathersboutique & @ashtongibbs

My favourite thing about blogging is being able to relate to other fabulous blogger, I love chatting and finding new bloggers just like me. They are the funniest and kindest people I know! For sure my social media timelines are never boring, as its constant blogging chat or bloggers sharing their thoughts. I try to interact with as many bloggers as possible!

  1. Best Blogging tips for engagement and gaining followers? Asked by @thelwordbylaura & @pr1ncesskayleigh

I never been one that obsesses over numbers of followers or views. However, recently I have noticed my engagement and followers shoot up, even though I am not a very big blogger right now, this is still very good for me as I rely on social media to promote my blog. I have 4 main elements which I have been doing lately, and by coincidence my followers have grown – these are;


Be creative all the time, in your blog and especially your photography. My Instagram feed has completely improved since I started – as I know how to take photos better using the best apps. In my photos, I will always add a magazine or some decorative detail to create a better theme for my Instagram. Be original is the key to be seen. I will be doing a blog post very soon about how I edit my Instagram photos.






I make sure I am active pretty much all the time, when I know I am not going to be very inactive I will always allow a day after to relax and be able to reply to emails and be very interactive with all my followers.


I do this a lot religiously, pretty much every day! Quite a lot of the time I won’t have time to sit and promote my blog all the time, so I simply use Hootsuite to schedule my twitter and Facebook page! I try and write casual tweets in the middle of my scheduled tweets – so my followers aren’t bombarded with me promoting my blog all the time.


Connecting with your followers is the most IMPORTANT elements to having engagement. Every day I always reply to bloggers tweets & I always like and comment on Instagram photos & other people’s blogs. If you don’t connect with your followers, don’t expect them to connect with you!


Instagram pods really help me out, with meeting new bloggers and being able to engage with others. I tend to ask questions in my tweets and Instagram captions, this really draws people in and will most likely reply to you.


  1. What are your hobbies when not blogging? @saraheichstedtphotography

This is a brilliant question, SHOPPING is obviously my favourite hobby, who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy?! Also, I love collecting and buying magazines, I have a bookshelf full!! Vogue & Cosmopolitan are my favourite!

  1. Favourite fashion bloggers for inspriation? Asked by @kat_last & @thivymichelle

I have two favourite fashion bloggers;

Sinead Crowe ‘@sineadcrowe ‘ is incredible, I have spoken to her a few times and she is one of the kindest bloggers ever. Her Instagram feed and blog is amazing ‘lovestylemindfulness’ & she really connects with other bloggers and I love that! She is very inspiring to me, some of her blog posts I read really helped me start up my blog in the right way!

Lissy Roddy @lissyroddyy ‘ her style is amazing, the way she styles her clothes together give me so much inspiration! I love her Instagram feed so much!

This blog post is very long, I know;  however I have managed to answer everyone’s questions.



Thankyou everyone for all your questions, they are so much appreciated!!

Hope you enjoy this post and find out more about me, most of all…





Matt Gyde Fashion Show

Recently I attended a fashion show by the designer Matt Gyde – he is a new up and coming designer and definitely one to watch.

About The Designer

Matt Gyde is an aspirational designer based in the midlands who creates collections around a very powerful and direct message. His brand ‘creates genderless fashion pieces that allows you to express your personality through the clothes you wear’.

He established his fashion brand in 2016 but has been working on it for a lot longer,  since then he has been creating professional garments that relates to his image and persona. Matt Gyde, the designer himself has mentioned how proud he is of his fashion brand and he is very delighted he can use the way of fashion to prove everyone is truly equal!

In my opinion I can really relate to Matt as I have always been someone who has been very determined to fight for equality, it has been something that I always have and always will thrive for! I find Matt Gyde such an inspiration as all by himself his has created this fabulous collection which has such passion and power behind the meaning of the fashion brand alone.

Over the past few days I have been speaking to Matt Gyde to get behind the real passion behind his fashion brand, here’s what he had to say;

‘I’m taking away labels so nothing will be gender categorised. We only perceive clothes to be gender specific because that’s what we learn but if you look back in history and cultures throughout the world, things we class as feminine are worn by men! So it’s all about fashion being fun and wearing what we feel defines our personality and makes us feel comfortable’



His inspiration behind his fashion brand is to be able to ‘remove the stigma of gender labelling in fashion!’

Fashion Show

The fashion show was incredible, Matt Gyde’s collection was so good it really proved clothes should be devoted to menswear or womenswear, everyone should feel comfortable in whatever you wear. The show overall was very successful, the audience was so engaging and clearly loved the show. The entertainment was incredible too!


















































How amazing is Matt Gyde’s Genderless Collection, He is defiantly one to watch for the future. He has spent years producing such a powerful collection and he should be so proud of himself!

Throughout the show, there was the gorgeous Kelly singing for us and we displayed some of our last year garments which we created.

Here is Kelly during the entertainment wearing one of Matt Gyde’s garments.



Here is a few pictures from the supporting collection that students from Stafford College created last year. These collections include; First Years Earthy Minerals Outfit from last year alongside Foundation Degree’s Corsets Collection from last year.

Earthy Minerals

IMG_1407 (2)








Corset Collection






What a fabulous show, you can watch the live stream of the show by clicking here.







Interviewing Bloggers

Ever since I have been blogging I’ve tried to think of different ways I can connect to bloggers in different ways. I love finding out about different bloggers and exploring different blogs. In my opinion the blogging community is always coming up with different ideas to connect us all together which makes us very strong as a group. I have joined loads of different twitter chats & Instagram pods which has allowed me to meet fabulous bloggers around the world who are just like me.

I have seen before bloggers interview different bloggers which is a great way to find out about each other and the true inspiration behind their own blog. So I decided I would give this ago and interview 3 different bloggers I’ve found through different social media platforms. In this blog I am interviewing 3 girls called, Harriet | @HarrietDayBlog, @Coffeewithkays & @Francesca_nels!


 1.  Tell the readers a brief description about yourself and your blog?

I’m currently 1hXKCKsSr8 years old and a student in London. My blog is mainly a lifestyle blog where I post about general issues with touches of beauty and fashion. Through my blog I aim to promote positivity and allow others to gain confidence.

2.  What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve always loved reading blogs and when I stated uni I had a little more time on my hands so thought why not give it a go.

3.  Has blogging influenced your life in anyway, if so how?

I think it’s really helped improve my writing. I was never the best at English but I’ve seen a real improvement in my essays since starting blogging. On a little more negative note I often find myself wanting to buy more things because of blogging oooops!

4.  What is your biggest blog achievement?

I don’t really have a specific achievement with my blog, the things that make me feel the best are the comments. I love a genuine long comment where someone has really read my post and enjoyed it.

5.  Where do you to be in 5 years time with your blog or possible a future goal? 

Oh gosh, I haven’t really thought about this. Blogging for me is a little hobby and as much as I love progressing it hasn’t really crossed my mind where I want to go with it. I would hope that I’ll be still blogging and maybe a few more brand collaborations under my belt.

6.  Where do you find inspiration/ideas for your blog posts?

Being a lifestyle blog a lot of my ideas just come from my feelings. Often I review products or give my opinion on certain things. However sometimes I don’t have enough. If I don’t have anything springing to mind I’ll often take a look on bloglovin to see if I can get inspiration from any posts I read!

7.  Do you have any favourite bloggers or any bloggers that really inspire you?

I love Poppy Deyes from her blog is so me and I really love her fashion posts. Another blogger I love is Maria from her posts and photos are insane and I would love my blog to look like hers one day! 

Twitter –

Instagram –

Blog –

Kayleigh | @Coffeewithkays |


1. Tell the readers a brief description about yourself and your blog?

Hi! My name is Kayleigh-Anne, I’m 22, I’m a first year university student. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, I love to blog about anything from fashion and beauty to advice and food!

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I had a diary for years and during a clear out I stumbled across my old diaries and I flicked through reading them thinking how great it would have been to share these with the world. My diary entries would be product reviews and deep meaningful life lesson talks and it almost felt like I was giving advice to the reader even though the reader would only ever be me, so I wanted to change that and I decided to essential share my new “diary” with the world in the form of a blog!

3. Has blogging influenced your life in anyway, if so how?

I’ve got to know some really wonderful people through blogging, it’s great to be a part of a community in which everyone is so supportive and positive towards you. I feel like if I’m ever having a bad day I can turn to my blog or my blogging friends and both will cheer me up. It’s also been so therapeutic to be able to express my feelings into a blog post, I’ve also got to work with some brands and that’s been incredible too!

4. What is your biggest blog achievement?

Honestly I think the achievement for me is that I’ve managed to get so much out of this blog. I was once voted as blogger of the month by a website which blew me away however after an interview with them and waiting a long time for the announcement to go up it never happened which kind of sucked. I think personally the thing I’m most proud of is when I made a blog post about DIY Christmas cookie decorations and it hit 3000 reads in about 2 days, it felt surreal! You can read that here:

5. Where do you want to in 5 years time with your blog or a possible future goal?

I think it’s pretty much every bloggers dream to be able to support themselves with their blog and make a career from it. I would of course love for that to happen! Time can only tell, Coffee With Kays also has a SUPER EXCITING secret project in the making which you’ll find out more about in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled on my blog for that!

6. What do you find frustrating about blogging?

I think the expectations in the blogging world has become a very big thing, everyone seems to need to have incredible photography skills, bright beautiful Instagram pages and the most incredible imaginative content to be able to call themselves bloggers when really if you got an internet connection & a passion for putting thoughts and feelings into a post, you can do it, you can blog about whatever you want to, you don’t need an incredible camera, brilliant lighting and the latest collection of beauty products. Make it what you want to and just go for it.

7. Where do you find inspiration/ideas for your blog posts?

They literally just pop into my head, I see something and think I can make a blog about it, or something happens to me and it makes me want to type away! I love-inspiring myself with other people’s blogs too though!

8. Do you have any bloggers that love and read religiously? If so name them and their blogs.
I love love love poppy deyes, she makes blogging about the simplest of things so interesting with her words and photos, I love it. I also religiously follow Leanne Haycock (, she’s a good friend of mine and her blog is just so incredible!

Francesca |Francesca_Nels |

1.  Tell the readers brief description about yourself and your blog?
Hey, I’m Francesca and I blog over at where you’ll find an array of beauty and lifestyle posts. I’m 25 a wife and a mum of two!!
2.  What inspired you to start blogging?
Well I love writing and always have so I wanted to explore that and give myself something to keep me writing, you know let that part of me flourish! Being a mum I don’t get a lot of time to myself so its really important to me that whilst the kids are young I’m working towards something  and even better when that something is what I love doing!! Mylifeinrosetintedglasses was born and although it can be tough finding the time to write sometimes it has become a big part of me that I’m not giving up on!
3.  Has blogging influenced your life in anyway, if so how?
I’d say yes! After having my kids friendships deteriorated (you’ll be surprised how much this happens to people), I became someone that I didn’t recognise anymore, I let myself go, continued to put on weight, grew anxious and afraid of social situations so I’d stay locked in the house with my confidence slowly shrinking away! Blogging gave me a little kick up the butt, I’m much more confident now, I’ve pushed myself to do things I haven’t done in a long time, I’ve made tons of lovely friends and now I feel a part of something bigger. I’m not a recluse anymore haha and I’m learning more about myself too, to top it all off I’m just having so much fun!
4.  What is your biggest blog achievement?
When I first started out in Jan 2016 I didn’t have much of a vision for my blog I just knew I wanted to do it! In the February I thought about combining loads of my passions into the blog like makeup and beauty, I wrote a post about Younique makeup (I know so many people can’t stand the way its sold and commissioned but I really adore some of the products) so I wrote a piece about the company and my fave products and it went viral!!! I woke up to over 140k shares and a crazy amount of views! Thats my fave achievement to date!
5.  Where do you want to be in 5 years time with your blog or possible future goal?
To be honest I just want to continue blogging and growing a bigger audience! I’d like to hope that more people read my blog regularly and eventually I’d love to make a little bit of cash from it!! I think every blogger would love to make blogging their full time job and really thats the dream!
6.  Where do you find inspiration/ideas for your blog posts?
I write about everything I’m interested in topic wise so when I get an idea come to mind and I’ll write a note of it so I don’t forget. Ultimately I love writing content that I’d enjoy reading and also content that helps those in need of it! I have a huge list of ideas for post on my laptop and when I find the time I pick one and write it!!
7.  Do you have any favourite bloggers or any bloggers that really inspire you?
Recently I’ve been really into dorkface, shes such an awesome lass and her content is always really enjoyable with lush bright photos! I also love reading Vix Meldrew’s blog. Her sheer honesty and creative content always gets me giggling and keeps me entertained she really knows how to lure you into her blog and its fantastic!
Hope you all have enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed finding out about different bloggers! I would love to here what you think and I would love to get to know more bloggers, send me a message so I can get to know you as well!

New & Old Adventures

Spending my Tuesday reminiscing on 2016 and showing my excitement for my new adventures this year. Recapping from 2016 it truly was a whirlwind of a year. I visited New York City which was a fabulous and over whelming experience, I turned the big 18!, started a new job and loads more. 2016 was a brilliant year I made so many memories and met many new people. I became more confident in many ways, for starters I created this blog just over a year ago looking back on my old blog posts really makes me cringe but it shows how much my blog has grown in the past year. After starting a new job in retail it came to my attention I had a lot more material to blog about and working in a shop which is surrounded by fashion trends and best sellers, made my love for fashion even more thrilling and exciting. My new job and growing my blog / social contacts have really boosted my confidence. Having a blog has really given me a chance to express my thoughts and feelings about fashion and my lifestyle – to be able to share with you parts of my life which I can express through this blog in many ways I never thought I could. Throughout the last year I have had people follow my blog and social media – I appreciate that. 2016 was the year I started this magical journey with my blog and I couldn’t be happier.


I have a lot of exciting events and obstacles coming my way this year – I am so excited. I have set 3 personal goals this year all about my blog which I will note below shortly. I kicked into 2017 with passing my driving test first time which I am so happy and proud about. However, I have been house bound for the last 4 weeks and still ongoing with a knee injury which isn’t greatest feeling – but on the positive side I have had all this spare time on my hands to concentrate on my blog. From November to February my blog went down, it was purely for the Christmas period but then I lost my motivation to post – so having these few weeks to myself I have been so able to be dedicated to my blog and really improve it. To improve my blog I have completely changed blogging platforms / started again – I’ve gone from using BlogSpot to WordPress. My old blog is still called Chelsey Ocean , my old material isn’t as strong as my new ones. This is normal as my blog is growing. After getting my motivation back I have become to realise how much I love blogging and I couldn’t stop now – it’s a part of me.




I have so many exiting dates coming up this year, around Easter time I am going to Centre Parcs which doesn’t sound very advertising but I go EVERY year as I love it. It’s such a good place to go for a break away and it takes some pretty good pictures as well. I am attending Parklife Festival in the summer, I am so excited for this but I think I am actually way more excited to go festival clothes shopping, who wouldn’t be? Be expecting a blog post about my festival attire nearer the time. I will be going to Gran Canaria for my summer holiday – I am most excited about this literally craving sun, sea and cocktails so much. Of course, holiday shopping spree? 100% – the best part about holidays. In September not only do I turn 19 but I will be opening a new chapter in my life… going to university. Wow, this time last year I was SO adamant I didn’t want to go to university but now I’m following my dream career I couldn’t be more excited! I am actually going to be to Nottingham Trent University studying Fashion Marketing and Branding – this a huge deal for me moving away from home but its going t0 happen one day, so why not make that change soon?! I am hoping to be going New York City again, in December or next year. A lot of my friends are turning 18 as well this year so even more excuse to celebrate. I have so much happening this year, this isn’t even half of it. These are just highlights – including finishing college woo!! So as I previously mention I have made 3 goals for 2017 for me and my blog. These are listed below.

Grow and Improve My Blog

This is a huge goal for me, as believe it or not blogging is very hard work to keep up with blog posts and communicating with other bloggers – nevertheless I LOVE it! There are many ways I can improve my blog and reach out to an bigger audience. One of the biggest elements of improving my blog and especially my Instagram is knowing how to take quality photos to make my blog look the best it’s ever been. There are so many tick lists to this including; Lighting, Theme, Composition, Quality, Background and many more. It’s so important to make your blog look consistent, which I really struggled with at first and I’m just about finding my feet now. I am always writing posts which are improving and being more consistent each time, I do this by learning from other inspiring bloggers. I always contact other bloggers on their opinion and how they go about making their blog look so damn good. I think for me the best way I go about growing my blog is when posting and taking pictures to try be different and thinking out the box.

Buy A Camera

It sounds so stupid, but I have never actually owned a camera, is that bad? I have just recently brought my own laptop, this has really improved my blogging status. My goal is before I head of to university or preferably before summer to own a decent camera, this will definitely improve my quality of my pictures.

However, finance is a big subject to think about, check out this Free Personal Finance Software Page to help you get organised.

Be Spontaneous

This year I really want to be spontaneous with trips and my posts. This year I want to go on loads of day trips exploring different cities which I can blog about. I already have a few trips planned but really want to book more, possibly Italy? that sounds good. I want to write more posts that people can relate to or even advice posts. I want to experiment with cooking and blog about my recipes. Sometime this a year I might create a YouTube channel to go with my blog where I can display fashion haul and show your my recent purchases.

It is such a nice feeling to capture my memories in the last few years. I have been so lucky with the memories I have made. What are your plans for this year? Drop me a message below I would love to hear about what you have planned in 2017.

London Fashion Week

Emerging with style was London Fashion Week hosted 16th February to 21st February. I have been following the collection of LFW through articles and from Vogue runway, the collections have been so elegant and quirky, truly inspiring. There have been such a range of different colours/textures/styles. As London Fashion Week comes to an end its time to look back on the fabulous week of shows/events/presentations/digitals. Details were an essential elements this fall, Faux Fur/Fur detailed coats made an appearance in Whistles collection. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS and Bright colours were a HUGE element of Topshop Unique which blew the audience away. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this!! I have chosen four collections of LFW which really caught my eye.


Whistles coats really inspired me. Each of these coats (shown above) are all very different within their colours palettes – they have really used different textures to make their coats look more exciting. Their collection in LFW really shows how well they have pin pointed current trends. These jackets are really in the middle of comfortable wear but portray a very formal atmosphere at the same time. Again, attention to detail is everything with these jackets especially the different textures and fabrics on picture one and two. The setting for these garments is very plain which makes the garments really stand out from the delicate painted wall. The outfits are very well styled and match the current trends without a doubt.

House of Holland

This collection was incredible, seeing live feed from this collection was intense – the clothes really talk for themselves. Bright colours and patterns were true inspiration for this collection. Henry Holland the designer described his LFW collection was a love letter truly to the nation. Western dresses, fitted knits and hipster hoodies were huge elements of this collection.

Palmer / Harding

Palmer / Harding have always been inspirational designers to me. Their collection was really over and above anything they have produced, each catwalk garment is very significant to itself and truly explores each story of the clothing.  Levi Palmer which is one of the two designers explored his Texas past, this inspired their collection. All the details and fastening on their garments make this collection very individual. This collection is definitely all about layers, everything in their collection seems to be layered clothing or wrapped. I am obsessed with this look.


In my opinion Burberry really showed the Britishisms in their garments. The colour palette seem to be very plain containing Whites, Nudes, Blacks and Greys. Throughout the menswear and womenswear each garment is very individual and tells its own story through the textures and fabrics used. Oversized seems to be a huge trend this season and last, I identify this through Burberry ready to wear fall 2017 collection. I find this connection very extravagant and flattering.

These are only a few collections that really inspire me along with many more. – Click here to get all information on London fashion week fall 2017.

New blog post about Milan fashion week coming very soon!!

New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again – the most fabulous time, when fashion week begins in the fashion capitals of the world. Fall, Ready To Wear. Kicking it off is New York Fashion Week scheduled 9th February  – 15th February. From watching the collections appeared online and from Vogue Runway I have watched all the collections through events/shows/presentations. I noticed quite a few different trends within NYFW – Street Style was quite a big element which has been combined into the garments, on the other side of the catwalk tailored garments made quite an appearance. Coats were also very significant for NYFW, oversized tailored coats featured a lot in Marc Jacobs Fall, Ready – To – Wear collection which is divine. From New York Fashion Week I have picked  four collections which really shined the catwalk for me which was inspiring.

Marc Jacobs

These are shots from Marc Jacobs Fall, Ready – To – Wear collection from NYFW. Marc Jacobs himself mentioned his inspiration for this collection is purely based on a documentary called ‘Hip-Hop Evaluation.’ From these images you can clearly tell the catwalk set is very plain, no background and the models look very normal and pristine. This collection is emerged by Street Style Youth – the clean oversized coats really define the idea of Street Wear. This collection is actually one of my favourite catwalk moments, the clothes, the models and the setting all come down to the fact that fashion can really speak for itself.

Assembly New York

This collection is insane – you can significantly tell this is inspired by street style. The setting of this presentation really uplifts the idea of the street style theme – the setting appears to be old & dirty displaying stains on the sofa and the wall. The model is stripped back too, very natural hair / natural makeup. The colour palette of this collection is inspiring – black and red always looks distinctive together. The collection seems to be baggy and slick.


Tailoring has been a huge part of New York Fashion Week, Fall Ready – To – Wear. This collection has been inspired by clean cut tailoring which creates a smart distinctive look. These tailored suits are all styled the same, the colours are very dull and delicate which creates a much more sensitive and diverse atmosphere. The models look very slick and clean cut – the setting is very plain which portrays the voice of the garment.

Victor Alfaro

This collection was hosted in a scene showroom as the designer doesn’t like to speak about the clothing as he is knows his clothes speak for themselves – which is honest. His clothes are very distinctive and have their own identity – he wanted to portray the message that ‘wardrobe can be worn by anyone and everyone’ he shows this by creating genderless clothing. The buzz words on his garments really defines this message.


These are only a few collection that inspire me along with so many more – click here to get all information on New York Fashion Week 2017.

New blog post about London Fashion Week coming very soon!!